Kinda in a panic here

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Jun 14, 2010
I got a bag (Jackie Hobo) from Avelle yesterday and I wanted to authenticate it here on the forum. I did, it's posted on the sites authenticate this thread around pages 332-334. So far I have one positive response. Originally I was concerned about the serial number. It has 5 numbers on top, 4 on the bottom. I was under the assumption that was a red flag. But really got me concerned was that I was browsing Yoogis Closet today and I found a different Jackie Hobo (this one was black suede, mine is beige GG) and it has the exact same serial TOP and BOTTOM! Does this mean I have a fake? I always thought the bottom number was specific to your bag.

Please if someone can help- I'm more than a little frantic.

Mary Jean
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