Kinda funny

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  1. I was browsing Les Ailes earlier and I saw this:




    (I was too lazy to do a search so apologies if this has been discussed before.)

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  2. It's all tease tease tease and as such slightly irritating IMO, but seriously, would be interesting to know how many they woud sell.
  3. ^^Agree. And which ones (leather, color, sizes) they're willing to put online.
  4. ^^... I am thinking, none?
  5. :lol:
  6. The internet would come to a standstill as multiple servers collapse like dominoes...
    (okay my terminology is probably wrong - DH is the IT guy - but you get the drift...)
  7. Resellers who put a high premium over new (and newish) bags will suffer.
  8. Maybe resellers will buy them all up, LOL! I'm starting to think they have more Birkins than Hermes.
  9. Possible! Hoarding!
  10. Exactly. And, my laptop hates that whole design and I can never get it to load properly. *sigh*
  11. :amazed:
  12. Am I the only one hoping this won't really happen? It sorta ruins the magic behind a Kelly or a Birkin
  13. I doubt it would happen. And even if it did, it'd probably be in an extremely limited quantity.
  14. Does anyone know how to de-pixelate it? It's driving me crazy. :weird:
  15. It's not supposed to be!

    But I can think of one really tedious way to do it. Since the mouse cursor shows the full scale image you can take screen shots of the cursor in different locations and combine the images together. I don't have the graphics editing skills to do that though.