Kinda funny ferret story, but I am a little irritated....

  1. Yesterday I took BF's DD to get her nails done for the first time for her 13th birthday. While we were in the salon (it is a salon/spa atmosphere, not just a nail salon) some lady that was getting her hair done had a ferret on her lap (Ferrets are also illegal in California where I live). Everyone was ooohing and aaahing over it because it was cute and had a little harness on it. I told her it was cute and I asked her if it let people other than her pet it. She told me I could pet it because he was such a good ferret blah blah blah. I pet him and he was fine.

    I went back to my chair next to BF's DD and the lady walked over to us with the ferret in her arms and I told her again how cute he was. She then WITHOUT MY PERMISSION put the ferret right in my lap. I pet it's back and then the little fu^&er
    BIT ME right in my left forearm, leaving two little puncture marks in my arm. It is still red although it is not raised up anymore and my skin is not broken.

    Would you have been pissed?? I just told her to take the damn thing off of my lap and she said "Oh maybe he is just a one person ferret." Then she proceeds to make out with the creature by letting it lick her mouth :throwup:.

    So all in all, I was not hurt or anything, the whole situation was just RUDE, she did not even apologize, she laughed after he bit me. FREAK!
  2. Damn, all I know is if ferret bites can be as bad a dog bites you are going to need some antibiotics STAT.
  3. That was rude. Just because you pet it does not mean that you want to hold it! I would have been upset after that!
  4. That's terrible! The owner of the salon should have kicked her out after it bit you.
  5. Am I the only one who would have called the cops? If you can call the cops for a dog bite, you should be able to do the same thing for a ferret bite ESPECIALLY if they are illegal to begin with. Cant they have rabies just like dogs? I would have atleast gotten all of her information, and took my butt straight to the ER.
  6. HA!! Funny you say this, I am a police officer. If it would have broken my skin, I would have just gone to the ER to make sure I was covered medically. It really would have been the joke of the ENTIRE department if I called the police over a ferret because the salon is in the city I work in. I was going to ask the animal control officer though regarding the issue of the ferret being illegal. Honestly in 10 years of being a cop, I have never had to deal with a "bad and angry ferret." :roflmfao:
  7. That's too funny!! I was really upset and annoyed for you up until this point... but you ARE the police... so that puts a whole new amusing spin on things!
    Oh if only you would have dropped your badge "accidentally" on the floor while getting a tissue out of your purse to tend to the wound!!! I think the lady would have peed herself!! Make a note to do this the next time you get attacked by a mustilidae!:lol: