kinda freaking out.

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  1. so when i said i wanted the holiday patchwork gallery tote for christmas,
    my dad and stepmom stressed that it was the only thing i would get, because money is kinda tight right now. [long story]
    usually we [my brother and step brother] get a 1-2k christmas, but whatever.
    this year its different, and i accepted that, and so i said, "ok, thats all i want."

    so the other day i went into my dad's office to print something out of the computer.
    [i have a laptop, and usually just get on the internet from here, but i don't have a printer.]
    and there was a pile of presents on the file cabinet. :nuts: i got excited.

    i went looking through them, starting with the biggest packages first, and slowly went down the line.
    when i finally got to a present with my name on it [the ONLY present in the pile]
    i got pretty excited. that is, until i realized this box is WAY too small to hold the gallery tote.

    the box is a long rectangle, whereas my box would be a square. and its too thin, too.

    do you think that maybe they substituted another, cheaper purse for the one i really want?
    this would make me really upset. i'm obnoxiously picky, in fact, there are only 3 coach purses to date that i've ever really wanted. [out of everything they've ever had!]

    i'm really upset right now. idk. :sad:
  2. Well, you said yourself that money is tight, and honestly, expensive gifts aren't the important things during the holidays. You shouldn't be upset, you should be grateful that they still got you a present, and possibly a really gorgeous bag! Sure, it's not what you originally wished for, but it's still a present, and I'm sure your parents have their reasons for "downgrading". Plus, you never know, maybe your tote IS still coming and this present is an "extra"!
  3. I don't think you shoud have looked. You spoiled it for yourself. I am sure if you asked for a specific one, they probably got it. Don't get upset until you see it. And even if they did, it's still Coach. You can just exchange it for the one you really want!
  4. Well, speaking as a Mom, Im sure your parents wouldnt appreciate you snooping!! I'm sure that they did the best that they could for you this year - whether it is what you requested, or they had to substitute something else. If you have a $1-2 thousand dollar Christmas every year, that is quite exceptional, and you should appreciate that. Maybe they are just trying to surprise you, or maybe they just cant get what you want, but either way I'm sure they are doing the best that they can.
  5. First of all being angry that your package doesent match the description of what you asked for should be the least of your worries. Instead you should be thankful your getting something since they having financial diffulcities. Im sure your parents did what they could. Your alive and so are they, now that is something to be excited about.
    P.S. Im a mom of 3 and snooping is a big NO NO.
  6. Maybe they got you the matching wallet too. You never know, but keep in mind that your parents are probably upset too that they can't spend as much as they usually do this Christmas.

    It's not fair to freak out or even snoop to see if they were able to get it for you. Try to appreciate Christmas for the time to spend with your family. And if they didn't get you the bag and you're still upset, maybe try saving up and buying it yourself.
  7. You shouldn't be peaking!!! A big no no. Santa as well as your folks would be upset with you. You know its the thought that counts.
  8. 1-2 thousand dollars? You are blessed then, growing up I think all three of us girls had about 1-2 hundred dollars spent on us combined. Feel fortunate.

    In my opinion (assuming you've asked by posting publicly), the best thing to do is put it as far out of your mind as you can. Snooping means you've spoiled part of your surprise, now you have to live with it *sage nod*. You know you got something, you know it's Coach. For all you know it could be a big gift certificate in a little box!

    You've heard it a dozen times and once more won't hurt - stop, relax, enjoy your family at the holidays (well, except maybe for the one obnoxious relative that has halotosis and laughs at their own bad don't have to enjoy that one as much).
  9. Kimmie, you read this post but didn't look at my reveal and tell me what you thought? *crying*
  10. Everyone's already said the important points, and I'm not going to beat a dead horse. Really, though, I would suggest doing something like going to and making a care package of creative items to send to a soldier that is deployed and doesn't get to see their family for the holidays; or volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen. Maybe after that experience you'd realize that you're in the top tier of how much your average Christmas is in terms of gifts! But really, wouldn't you rather be rich on love?
  11. :yes: I agree. I could ask my mom for both the Tiffany's necklace AND the Coach stuff I want, but I'm only asking for the necklace. I was really surprised when she said yes too because normally I only get about $75-$100 for Christmas and the necklace is $200. I'm going to use my saved up money and Christmas money from my grandparents to get the Coach bag..:tup:

  12. OT:
  13. I wouldn't worry about it too much...who knows? Maybe they got you an accessory to go w/ your bag and it's still on it's way? You never know.
  14. maybe there is a gift card in there? hope so! dont worry- i m sure it will b nice. i disagree w some of the others- u werent diliberately snopping and now if it isnt what u want, they wont c u look a bit disapointed.
  15. maybe they forgot what purse it was and bought you a giftcard and disquised it in a different box???

    don't always think the worst!!
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