Kinda dissapointed in my PCE haul....(mohair sweater included!)

  1. Well I just received my shipment from JAX; I already had the Chili Red Carly and decided that it was not for me. So of course I was excited to get what I ordered.

    Let's just say, I am not blown away. The citron flap wristlet looks flat (color wise); not sure how I feel about it. The sweater is strange; I LOVE the colors and the feel of it and it fits well. However, the sleeves are short. I am only 5'1 so I am puzzled by this. In the description I do not recall reading it had 3/4 sleeves. For the price of the sweater ($398 before PCE) I can't believe that the sleeves would be short. :sad: What do you all think?? Am I being too picky?
    sweater.JPG citron.JPG
  2. Nope! you gotta love it. If you don't love it, you'll never wear them and it will be a waste! Just send them back and get what you love!
  3. It didn't live up to your expectations. If you don't love it, send it back. You need to love what you get! But damn, that sweater looks beautiful!
  4. If your not happy with it, take it back. Btw it's so pretty.
  5. Eventhough the description might not state it, the sleeves are 3/4 length. Look at the patches, why would they be that close to the wrist?

    It's a beautiful sweater, try looking at it as a 3/4 length sweater! Good Luck!
  6. If you aren't thrilled w/ it you should send it back.

    LOVE the Legacy beauty case!
  7. I want to see a modeling pic of you in that sweater! :drool:
  8. I second that! :yes:
  9. modeling pic, please!!!!! then...return it if you're not happy. For that price, you have to LOVE it.
  10. Yes I think it's definitely a 3/4 length too. I think it's gorgeous well maybe because I love 3/4 length shirts alot. :tup:

  11. sorry u r disapointed
  12. If you dont love it at first sight then send it back. Otherwise you'll regret it.
    Can you get your money back or perhaps a merchandise credit?
  13. Yeah, I am gonna have to say that that sweater looks adorable though....I wouldn't mind having one for fall/winter.....looks so comfy and stylish....but like I said before, I've kept things that I didn't love before, and they ended up never seeing the light of day. Like the others said, post a modeling pic (just caz I wanna see what it looks like on a's so cute!) and if you don't like that it's 3/4 sleeves, then send it back.
  14. Do the sweaters run large or true to size?
  15. i agree. if u dont like it by all means send it back...

    but the sweater is so CHIC and STYLISH....3/4 sleeve and all...