kinda disapointed in current merch

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  1. well i went to the boutique today. DH was gonna get me a bag as a little pressy since im getting a promotion. i wanted the poppy groovy. this bag is reallllly small. im not at all impressed w poppy. kinda looks like stuff u get at Aldo or JCPenney or something. the sig actually looks better in my opinion on this line!

    as for the rest of the current selection, im not into maggie- too big. same w ali. all in all i found everything was either really tiny or gigundo. where are the nice medium size shoulder bags?
  2. I agree with you. Nothing is catching my eye right now. I am now searching again for older Coach bags I want to add to my collection.
    Just not a fan of Poppy. Look a little childish IMO. (I hope I do not affend--just not for me)
  3. I was excited about the Groovy but when I saw IRL, it's not what I expected... it looked cheap. I ended getting the Patent Swingpack but I ended up returning it because of the cheap zipper. The only thing I liked from the Poppy collection is the Starlet which I'm gonna be getting in Blueberry. For now, my eyes are set on getting the Maggie Graphite tomorrow. I like her a lot. :biggrin:

    The Sabrinas are a nice medium sized bag.
  4. Congrats on the promotion!:drinkup:
    Im not a fan of anything new really either.
  5. I love the Maggie, I go for the classic lines more... I agree that Poppy, Gramercy, & the Clover do not thrill
  6. The only only thing I like is the cobalt Maggie.
    No way to anything Poppy!
  7. TBH bags have not thrilled me in a while, or at least not until they get to the outlet and are heavily reduced. I am liking some accessories, and shoes though.
  8. Why don't you look for something NOS (new old stock) on ebay or bonanzle. Get it authenticated first.

    Or save for later (remember Coach might find out this cheaper line is a poor decision) or go try another brand like Michael for Michael Kors or something like that.
  9. i agreed with OP. New line is not calling my name at all. The poppy line is way too trendy and looks cheap. Maggie is classic in style, but i'm so disappointed with the thin leather. I'm so used to the thick legacy leather of the 05-07 line. I wish Coach brings those back or they're loosing a lot of old Coach followers like me. Recently i have not into Coach at all for this reason. Their new leather bags have issue with quality, They feel cheap and touch cheap. And if i am spending $$$ on a bag i want that quality of leather.
  10. We all have different tastes but I do not find anything in the Poppy line appealing.
    The Maggie in graphite is awesome.
  11. I think the Poppy Spotlight is a nice size if you want something casual.
  12. I have 3 poppy bags and am happy with all of them. The Maggie and Ali were either too big or too small.
  13. I think it just depends on taste... some things to others may look cheap, trendy, childish etc... to each their own...
  14. Everyone has their own taste, which is great I'd hate it if we all liked the same things, but Poppy doesn't appeal to me at all. I kind of like Maggie, but not in the current colors, I also tend to like the more classic lines. But given how much Coach I have bought recently with all the coupons and sales, it's kind of a relief to be able to pass up a whole new line without a pang of regret. :biggrin:
  15. I don't really like the Poppy line either. I can only afford to buy bags/accessories at the outlet or ebay/bonanzle anyway. I'm a little excited about Maggie but have yet to try her on!