Kinda deep thoughts

  1. Earlier tonight my BF and I were talking about love (brought on by my Love in World Literature class), and our past relationships and how we thought we were in love before, but now that we were together we realized we were really in love. This led us tossing around the idea that there is no specific love feeling, which seems obvious, but more so that love is relative.

    I think if you need or want to be loved or in love, you will. Your feelings about love depend solely on your position in life.

    What do you guys think? Anyone out there believe in soul mates? Believe that you won't feel love until you find that person? Or are you with BF and I that love is temporal, and that you will love when everything is right, and may love another, but not so much a more or less type of love.

    I know, kinda deep, but this class I am taking really forces you to consider your position on love. Just wondering if the wonderful tPFrs are traditional romantics or modern realists. He he! :heart: