Kinda angry

  1. So, after all that I have already purchased during the PCE, I decided that I now want the Elisa Laced Leather XL Slim Duffle. The stores close here in like an hour and I wouldn't be able to make it. So I call a different store since my store said no last time and ask if I can place a phone order. She said no and that no stores can do phone orders with the discount! So I call my store again that I have been to like 5 times in a week and asked if I could place a phone order. She said no again. She said that I could just come in tomorrow and I said well can I get the discount tomorrow even though it ends today and she said yes. So I am kinda angry cause there are people on here that have gotten to do phone orders. Is it just Illinois that's not allowing it? It doesn't make any sense! So I better get the discount when I go in there tomorrow or I will be really po'd!
  2. I order from the store in Delaware and I've always been able to do phone orders. However, I tried calling the store in Philly and they said no. I think it just depends on the store. Sorry they wouldn't let you place your order! It always has to be difficult, right?!
  3. Members that did place phone orders did them with their regular SA, and also they recommended to call at different times and try different stores because every SA is different, it just depends on the SA, if she is nice enough or is willing to give it to you then you are all set, if not, your are out of luck.
  4. The Elisa is not included in PCE. They had a low count on the bag and the SA's may not have been able to sneak it through anyway.

    Have you tried on that bag? It's kind of big looking. And the SA wasn't sure it would sag right in the middle. I tried it on and thought it looked too big on me.
  5. technically PCE does not include phone orders. so at that point, it's up to the SA's discretion to do it for you. the coach SAs are not obligated to place phone orders for us.
  6. I have not tried on the bag but I am pretty tall (5'11") and pretty big too so I don't think that will be a problem. I like big bags. But I did not know it wasn't eligable for PCE. Are they still available? I'm hoping they will have one out tomorrow when I go so I can try it on.
  7. Try not to feel bad, I called a store here in CA and the SA kindly told me I had to come in.
  8. They are supposed to be coming out this week so I am sure you can look at one in the store. Mine had just received their store displays. It is a pretty bag.
  9. My store would not do phone orders either (SoCal), so I guess it's the store and the SA you get on the phone. At least they were willing to extend it until today for you - that's pretty nice.

    I was going to try to get Elisa at the last minute as well, but was told 1) not included in PCE (part of Bleaker lines), and 2) it's bigger than the LARGE CARLY! :wtf:

    I love the look of the bag, but that's just too big IMHO.
  10. Yea, I got the Elisa but I didn't get the discount. But since I returned another bag, I didn't have to pay that much! So it all worked out in the end!