kind of unhappy with my new indigo Groovee (no pics) rant! :(

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2009
    when i take all the stuffing out, and wear it on the long strap, it's so slouchy and just looks like a hobo, even with my makeup bag, magazine and treo inside. it scratches easily, i didnt file a finger edge, and the rough skin around my thumb made a scratch and it wasnt even that hard, i keep finding new scratches when i set it down lol, does that add to the charecter or something, is that SUPPOSED to happen?!
    and i have no clue how to remove the "detachable straps", or do they give the bag it's signature look as well? lol

    oh and SAs at bloomingdale's are so mean and snobby when i wanted a discount cuz there was a deep light scratch right in the middle of the bag, they said it was supposed to look like that. and i was rockin my expensive cream pea coat and suede black, flat knee high boots too. i thought they were only snobby to poorly dressed people. im filipino and freaking tan, so i bet they're racist. :x i dunno, i've never been treated that way and i actually feel really sad with XXXXXXX NO POLITICAL COMMENTS ALLOWED :x

    i like the color though because it matches my neutral nautica, preppy wardrobe. LOL.
  2. So sorry this has happened to you. If you don't like the bag, can you return it? Then you can save for the bag you really want. Maybe a Groovee from a previous season with thicker leather??? There are some that show up on the bay from time to time.
  3. ^ita!
  4. i agree with BBC - return it if it was damaged and you aren't happy with it. i hope you find one that works better for you!
  5. I had a bad experience with a black groovee last year which transferred colour onto my light trench. I returned it without any difficulty though.
  6. sometimes it doesn't matter how you look or how expensive you dress, if sa's want to be snobby, they'll be snobby to anyone. that's when i just walk away. i've never wanted a bag so badly that i would be willing to give commission from my sale to anyone who couldn't be bothered to treat me the way a customer deserves to be treated.

    as for your groovee, i'm sorry you're disappointed, but recent season leathers have been show to scratch easily have you tried leather conditioner and buffing? that usually will take care of surface scratches. i would test a small discreet area first to make sure there's no color ruboff. if you'd rather not deal with such a high maintenance bag, return it. you can get a more durable older season groovee on ebay. good luck!