kind of pissed with COACH @ riverside..

  1. ::WARNING!! VENT:: not only did they ignore me, blow me off to gossip about some guy who hit someone with his motorcycle and how ugly he is, talk about how they only allow this one girl to do her nails, but then tossed my mini skinny back at me becuase they said even though it is starting to fray its still usable so 'no can do' and just proceeded to continue to ignore me. im!? fine with me, if i need to buy coach stuff at riverside ill buy from bloomingdales because not only do they not ignore me (even if they didnt know my father) but they give me the respect i deserve and vice versa. asdfghjkl people like that irritate me, especially when i go to places like tiffanys and they treat me like they should... :rant: ill stick with the paramus one thank you very much. so now im going to wear the crap out of that thing so instead of just fixing the stitch they're going to have to replace the whole damn thing for me. people these days make me want to go :hysteric: .

    lol okay im done :flowers:
  2. ^Ugh I'd be super pissed too!! I'd want to say something along the lines of "OH I guess if you're too busy gossiping to actually help a customer then I'll just go to another Coach store. Thanks.".. but in reality I'd just stalk out and give them a mean look (yes I'm a pansy LOL).

    I've had great experiences at the Coach store in Nashville.. amazingly nice ladies :love:
  3. Aarti, Sorry about your bad experience.

    Sparkles, where in Nashville?
  4. ^ The Mall at Green Hills! I love that place! :love:
  5. Oh my god! I know how you feel! The Coach SA's didn't pay much attention to me when I was there. I asked how much was one of the bags on display since there was no tag in it and they just ignored me! Same thing in the Louis Vuitton store. This was two years ago too. I like the Coach store at Garden State Plaza, they actually pay attention to you. My favroite Coach store has to be at Short Hills. They give excellent service and are very friendly and polite.
  6. No one should ever ignore you. I would have called and ask for the manager. When you tell her what happen you should mention the PF and that we are over 10,000 strong so you don't want to get a bad rep there.
  7. That's insane. If a product is fraying, they need to replace it. A friend had a wallet with fraying stitching and they sent it in for repair. When repair wasn't possible, they credited the original purchase price. Go back to the store, and demand to speak to a manager. Explain what happened, did you get any names?
    I've never been treated poorly at a Coach store, that's why I'm such a loyal customer now. I wouldn't stand for that kind of treatment at any luxury store, and I have a feeling Coach corporate would be interested to hear about your experience. They certainly don't want word of mouth like this going around!
  8. I would write the store manager a complaint letter detailing what day and time you were in their store and the treatment you received. I'm sure that Coach would not want their sales people treating customers like this. There is no excuse for poor customer service. Peggy
  9. Ugh this just reminded me of Coach's 1-800 number.. I HATE them! Every time I've called they've been utterly condescending and just plain rude.

    One time I called to ask if they could locate a purse for me.. and they were like "Um you could order it from here." And I was like "I know, but I just wanted to see if you could tell me if it was at a store nearby" and the lady repeats "Um.. you could order it from here" AGAIN more slowly. I'm not retarded.. I heard what you said the first time!! GEEZE.

    The another time I called to ask them what their exchange policy was bc I had gotten a purse as a gift and wanted it to be in a different color..and they were like "We don't accept used merchandise.. so your item better not look like it'd been used" and she went on a whole rant about how she hated how customers returned old stuff. WTF! My item was brand new and I just wanted to know if I needed a receipt to go exchange it!

    Grr!! Coach has the rudest, most inept CSR's on the planet :rant: :mad: I swear their 1-800 number is a direct line to B:censor: s Anonymous... home of disgruntled old ladies who have nothing better to do with their lives than yell at customers.
  10. I've never had that happen with the 1-800 number! I've had them offer to find a bag for me at a local store, before I even asked. I called about something that was gone from the website, and they offered to search for it locally.
    When I wasn't pleased with the monogramming on my makeup case I called the 800 number and they told me to take it to the store to be exchanged, even though it comes with a card that says it's non-returnable. I've never had a phone rep be anything but friendly and patient with me. I even had one on the line for nearly an hour hunting for replacement straps I wanted to buy my mother for Christmas, and she was so sweet the entire time.
    You have some miserable luck with your Coach interactions. Seriously, any time you get service like that again, anywhere, ask for a manager. They're simply NOT supposed to treat you like that!
  11. lol yeah im a pansy too when it comes to social interactions..which is why i said thanks as i left.. then i was like WTF why did i say that! i mustered enough courage to go into the LV store, not as scary as i thought though im not a fan of the brand, would rather chanel any day. god the burberry store was sooo nice. lol i just wish i liked some of the bags they had there, only one but im not crazy about the Caitlin.. thanks for making me feel better girls! never fail to do so!
  12. See that's why you have to bring someone shopping with you. I always bring the :censor: with me when I go. Because you need someone who's got your back. Especially if you wont say anything, you need someone there who will. If it were me, I'd be surprised if they were still working up front after I chewed them out in front of their manager. See when I go shopping my girl goes with me, not that she needs to speak for me, but she can speak up for me when I don't really wanna say something because I do have days like that.
  13. Awwwww. (((hugs))) I'm sorry they did that to you!

  14. LOL let's go shopping together Aarti.. maybe two pansies can make a Beeyotch with attitude :lol:

    Kezza- I guess it's just my dumb luck with the 800 number! I've always gotten fabulous service at the stores so I was totally shocked when I got such mean CSR's on the phone!
  15. Are you serious they treated you like that? That is ridiculous..I would seriously call the store's manager & file a complaint. I'm sorry they can be the biggest b!tches in the world but when they are at work getting paid to HELP the customers they shouldn't be talking about personal things & brushing off the customers like they are a nusiance.