kind of O/T.... LV hypothetical situation

  1. i heard somewhere that thier are 44 or something LV stores in vegas, What would you do if you were in vegas and won $10,000 on the pokies, could you resist a spree if there was a store on every corner or would you just give in and blow it?
  2. I think I will just give it a blow but not all from LV!!!!!! hahaha.......

    Maybe 2 LV bags, Dior shoes, a watch and some clothes.;) ;)
  3. oh man. i would definately blow some of it...i don't think i could live with myself if i blew it ALL (and DH would KILL me)...but definately a new wallet. and a keepall. and a hermes scarf. that's less than 2k. not bad, not bad at all. :smile:
  4. yeah i would have to agree a win would deserve a treat, to indulge and give into our fashion addictions to rest (for like a day) but 10 000 in one hit would probly be too much even we would probly end up spending that much each season anyway
  5. I like the half and half approach, half for LV, half for the bank!!!
  6. FYI- There are only five stores in Las Vegas ( I live there). But I'd have to blow it on bags!!!!
  7. I think I would resist! How much LV can you own?!:nuts: Plus, there isn't anything in their collection right not that I just HAVE TO HAVE!!!:lol:
  8. I will tell you when I come back from LV next weekend. I'm leaving on Monday, wish me luck!
    Just kidding, I don't gamble so it will never happen. But prly hypothetically, I'd spend 2k than put the rest away.
  9. I'd prob my one big item and maybe a lil LV accessory and call it a day.. the rest goes into the bank..
  10. I'd get a Popincourt Haut, a Jasmin, and some Hermes scarves and then save the rest. :biggrin:
  11. I'd resist, although I'm not all against a little something to indulge myself with !
  12. I'll be in Vegas next week...and I REALLY hope I can test out this theory!! hhhehehehhe
  13. good luck to you Andreax we all hope you get the spree lol
  14. I'd treat myself with a little something to remember my winnings by and then save for a trip, house payment etc...
  15. I will buy a bag or two. The rest goes to my financial aid :smile:
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