Kind of Leather you like for your bag

  1. Hello was just wondering what kind of leather ladies like for their handbags, some prefer soft shiny and slouchy leather whereas others like rugged and hard leather for their bags to avoid wear and tear. I for one would love to see and x-large soft and shiny leather bag being carried. Would appreciate opinions on the same
  2. I don't discriminate, I love all types of leather! I just got a Tano today, in their "crunch" leather. It's smooth and shiny, with a little bit of slouch to it, but probably more on the stiff side. Let me know if you want to see pics!
  3. would love to see pics
  4. Sure!

    with and without flash

    side view - love the hinged shoulder strap!

    modeling - it's the perfect size!
  5. I have all sorts. I adore soft leathers like lambskin, but I appreciate the more durable leathers too like Chanel caviar, LV Epi (amazingly resilent) and Hermes Clemence/Togo. Possibly the most perfect bag I have though is a boxcalf Ebury which I love, love, love.
  6. That's gorgeous! Looks great on you! Congrats!
  7. I also don't discriminate! LOVE all leather. I'm really into ostrich right now!
  8. aww, thank you! :flowers:
  9. I like all leathers as well...I buy for how they look less than their leather components. I have bought I think three lambskin bags in a row, which some women won't even buy one because it's considered a "delicate" leather. Sometimes calfskin, with all the hardware, gets really heavy. That's why I bought lambskin lately. But I have two koobas that are bigger bags and I get compliments on them every time I wear them (one of my friends told me when his business takes off he wants to be the stakeholder for my purse store, based on one of the koobas! Yay!).
  10. I am not a fan of stiff leather, but occasionally I like a bag with stiff leather. I like most types of leather, but am not a fan of suede for a bag(occasionally I do see one that I like though). I do have a suede wallet, but it stays in my bag so it doesn't get dirty.
  11. I have a few "hard leather" bags, like Epi. But it's the thich, soft, smooshy, smelly ones that I can't keep my hands off of or my nose out of. I'm so sick that I set my new bags on my nightstand at night so I can reach out and cop a feel or inhale that fabulous new leather aroma. Yes, I know I need help...I'm a purseophile!
  12. No big grains or veins. I like it to be smooth and velvety and semi slouchy, but I do like some variation as well.
  13. I prefer mostly soft leather. But every now and then, a bag with more rugged leather catches my eye.
  14. I love all kinds of leather. I think with the right style, they all look fabulous. As far as the "oooohh" touch factor goes, my fave would have to be lambskin. :heart: So soft, light, and mushy!
  15. I like soft- lambskin is a favorite. I will not buy goatskin.