Kind of funny

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  1. I told my husband today when I was leaving Target and looking for my car in the parking lot an older lady said, "hey look we have the same bag!". I looked up and she had a fake denim neo speedy and I said yes we do :lol:. The denim was a different wash and the handles were dark too. Funny. I told my girlfriend and she said how come I didn't ask her where she bought her's. I didn't want to be mean. She seemed very happy with it. I guess that's all that matters. ;)
  2. I bet that lady was tickled pink...good on you for not making her feel bad.
  3. i agree :biggrin:
  4. lol That's funny. I was once on my university's shuttle bus and this girl sat down next to me and we had the same bag, except hers was fake. A really good fake, too, but it was clear next to mine. It was so awkward and she didn't even look at me.
  5. I totally agree...why kill her joy.;)
  6. I've seen a lot of women carrying fake LVs where I live and they always act so snotty. I always get a kick out of it and whisper to my husband, "look fake hehe." But yeah, I think this lady today was so happy with her's.
  7. AWW that was nice of you, sometimes it's just not worth hurting someone's feelings over. Esp older people that are on VERY fixed incomes.

    You were nice. :smile:
  8. i've noticed that too..where people with fakes turn their noses up at if you are the one carrying the fake! i had some chick do this to me once, she had a tacky nasty white mc pochette, complete with 5-7 gaudy colors and the bow on the top...and she snickered that mine was fake!! lol...i don't say anything. better off that way. and good on you...shows we have class and a good taste in bags! hehe
  9. As long as I know mine are the real thing, unless it's very ugly....I don't say anything.

    I bet she was just giddy seeing someone having the same bag.
  10. Glad you took the high road...despite what my avatar says, I would never tell anyone that their bag was fake. It's more of an internal note....hehe.
  11. That was very thoughtful of you not to point out that hers was a fake. It shows that you are a very modest & mature person.
  12. Good job on not spoiling her mood. I thought that old lady sounded really cute when she did that.
  13. Good for you! Everyone should respond the same way.
    Kindness rules.
  14. That's very nice of you baby chloe! I know people don't respond the same way.
  15. My sister told me yesterday that she saw a girl carrying a Speedy at school. My sister is not a handbag junkie, but for whatever reason, she said she couldn't stop staring at the bag and wondering if it was fake. She said at that moment, she realized she'd been hanging around me too much. She then told me the Speedy had feet on it. I think you know what I said when she asked if it was fake or not. :lol: