Kind of feeling a bit of REGRET...

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  1. Well, I bought a Mon Monogram NF GM back in October and got it at the end of November. It was my first LV purchase and I was so happy. At that time, all the rumors about the new Neverfull with the pouch were arising. I wanted to get it before the fall price increase so I ordered it, but I was also thinking, "Hmm, I wonder if they're going to change the Mon Monogram NF soon to accommodate the new pouch design."

    Long story short, I'm browsing around the LV website and see that they changed the Mon Monogram NF to now include the pouch for $1650 (I got mine for $1440 pre-price-increase $1500). I've been wanting an LV ever since grade school, so I guess I'm happy right now, but I wish LV would offer more Mon Monogram items, like perhaps a Key Cles, that would be nice wouldn't it? I mean I'm happy with what I have now, but it would be even better with that matching Mon Monogram pouch.

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  2. I feel like the Mon Mono program is almost difficult for me to comprehend - Does anybody know if the pieces are actually PAINTED vs the particular pieces of cut canvas are PRINTED with the colors? It almost seems like LV would offer Mon Mono for all items as a painting service the way Goyard offers theirs, as I don't really understand why they'd only choose Mono canvas and such particularly popular yet limited pieces if they really were as custom made as I'd previously believed they were.
  3. I believe Mon Monogram is just screen-printed on. I'm fine with that, like you also get the option to choose the color for the interior and also you'll for sure get a bag that's made in France. I think the hand-painted monograms are for the hard-sided luggage ($6-7K+).
  4. Makes sense - I definitely get the appeal, and also I know that the paint would chip off most Mon Mono pieces (especially bags like the speedy and NF) over time if hand painted. Apparently the customization is free for all hard-sided pieces, which at first was surprising until I remembered just how much every hard sided piece costs :cool:

    I'm sorry you're feeling any regret over the bag, but I think it looks great personally! It really would be nice if Mon Mono was available for every single piece, though, with a flat premium price and set of options with extra stripes, letters, special metallic colors, designs, etc. affecting the cost. I'd love to order a couple Mon Mono pieces if the options were greater and could be applied to pure leather bags or Damier Graphite / Cobalt pieces, but until then, just not for me. Doesn't mean I think yours isn't beautiful, though!
  5. I personally don't care for the neverfull pouch. It's very flat and can't fit anything other than receipts. I think it's better you saved the $210 and invest in a mini pochette. I'd take usable over cute any day. Enjoy your bag just the way it is.
  6. Agree with this. I think you made a good move getting your Neverfull. A vernis pochette would be perfect in lieu of this flat neverfull pochette.
  7. I was thinking about doing that when I first ordered my bag, and what's funny is I recently changed my phone from an iPhone 4s to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which doesn't fit in the mini-pochette.. It seems to fit perfectly in the new pouch. :shucks:
  8. If I were you I'd totally use this as an opportunity to get yourself a cosmetic or toiletry pouch to replace it! The cosmetic isn't my personal style, but with so many options in it, it'd be a great way to accentuate the colors of your Mon Mono color choices and make it pop a bit more! The toiletry pouch is something I've always loved, but I think I just have an odd infatuation with the triangular shape it has :roflmfao:
  9. Wondering what size your Neo NF is? The pouch that came with my GM, while flat, stores much more than receipts! It's actually a great little cosmetic bag for me.

    OP, I can see why you are frustrated! It would be great to have more Mon Monogram options available. I hadn't looked at the Mon Mono online, and had no idea that they are now personalizing the pouches as well. Love this!

    I would get an SLG that ties in with the colors you chose for your bag, as others here have suggested. :smile:
  10. the pouch looks flimsy sadly :sad:
  11. I like it and i also wish they had expand this service to other items
  12. Don't feel regret :smile: enjoy your wonderful neverfull. The pouch isn't very useful for me personally anyway
  13. Also, I should clarify that I don't own a neverfull with the new pochette but when looking at it in store, I found it very small and thin. I much prefer my pochettes and cosmetic cases.
  14. Don't regret it, especially if you got it pre-price increase ! I got my NF GM Mon Mono after price increase and don't regret it because I got it in time for a special occasion (my 30th B-day :cloud9:)
    I agree with the other answers, you can definitely find another kind of pouch that will fit your Galaxy note 3, even if it is not Mon Mono...Maybe in menthe or noir Epi, that could match your stripes ?
  15. Don't regret it! The pouch is not very exciting or worth the money you saved.