kind of disappointed.

  1. i fell in LOVE with the madeline leather tote in parchment, it seemed like my PERFECT white bag!
    plus that cute little scarf! the cute little blue scarf. it looks blue on the website, atleast.


    well, i went to the coach store today to pick up a planner,
    and i decided to lust over the green and zebra bag. [MORE beautiful IRL!!!!]
    and then i was looking for the white bag. all i saw was a white madeline with PURPLE scarf.
    and then i looked at the interior. PURPLE INTERIOR. i'm very sad.
    i was going to pair it with the hamptons leather turnlock wallet, which looked cute together.
    can't get the picture to upload, but here's the link:

    now, of course, they don't match.
    [sigh.] so i'm STILL searching for the perfect white bag. :sad:
  2. Ya I saw that yesterday and I have to say I was alittle dissapointed too. I have noticed that the website pictures are sometimes a little different than what you see in person.
  3. They make proto-type bags before they actually put them into production.
    Sometimes they change the color combo when the product is starting to make. So they put the wrong color on the website. I get those questions ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIME
  4. eh. its not the end of the world.
    but now i still have to find my perfect white bag. :girlsigh:
  5. That is a cute bag, why not get the one on your avatar ? Also I saw the bleeker all white flap from japan website, that is a perfect white bag to me, you should check it out. Someone here on TPF bought it and it is TDF
  6. My favorite white bag is the Belted Ergo in Parchment. It's such a comfortable bag!

  7. I love the purple. I wish Coach made more purple items. I agree, I think you should get the zebra and green bag. It is more expensive but it is more original and just so purty! Let us know your decision and good luck!

  8. oh. i definitely am going to get the zebra bag! its STUNNING! :nuts:
    [unfortunately its going to have to wait until i get some birthday money in march. :push:]
    that being said, i've been looking for a perfect white bag for awhile, and i thought i had found it.
    alas, i am still on the hunt. :shame:
  9. They had 2 lg white patent ergo hobos at the kittery outlet in maine when I went last week, they were really cute
  10. i love the hamptons turnlock wallet i want one in green. that green and zebra purse is soooooooo cute! perfect white bag humm do you like the ali I have it in white and i love her. i don't know what size you are looking for. or what about this one it's a bleecker 11429[​IMG]