Kind of desperate...any Cambon wallets or large pink totes? :)

  1. If you spot any, please please post. Preferably at a Saks for the best discount. Thanks so much! :biggrin:
  2. I would like to know as well I called a bunch of stores but they all said they are gone. I think NM still might have some and if I am not mistaken they are going to be marked down again. Search previous post
  3. Let me know if you find one I want one too...;)
  4. Doesn't NM only accept NM CCs over the phone? And is it 33% off+ 25% off?
  5. No I think they take american express as well...
  6. Damn, I don't have AE. So NM is out. :sad:
  7. I know I don't have one either that is why I couldn't place a order with them. The girl said if I went inside the store they would take a check I was shocked.
  8. Neimans will take a check, just not Visa. The NM in short hills mall only had a small pink tote and the pink reporter left last week. I didn't see any large totes and none of the beige/black.
  9. i paid for my wallet through international Visa card over the phone.
    they will transfer you to customer service and use that to buy a gift card of the same value and then u can use that to buy ur stuff :smile:
  10. yes i want to know too is it 30% + 20% off?
  11. My NM was totally out of cambon wallets. I've seen a few for sale on eBay though - below retail too.:biggrin:
  12. I just called Saks around here and asked about wallets and totes and the SA said that that is the question of the day! EVERYTHING is GONE!!!!! They only have some pumpkin and then small pink & black hobos left???? Has anyone ever heard of those bags????? Do you have pics?

  13. Pumpkin and black hobos? No idea!