Kind of confused..why does she keep on relisting this?

  1. Hi guys =):

    I'm new to tPF, but I'm LOVING it already! I can't believe I've found a place where people are as obsessed, if not more, about bags as me! :nuts:

    I've kind of been a Louis Vuitton fan for a while, and now am interested in buying my FIRST balenciaga! I really want this one, but I've been reading some of the posts here, and I've noticed that the seller keeps on relisting this bag. Why is that? I don't mean to disrespect the seller if she is a tPF member, it's just that I've been ripped off before (twice...:sad: ) so i'm very wary right now of ebay sellers. From what I know, the seller has listed this bag three times already!! I'm just kind of confused as to how legit this bag is. Please let me know what you guys all think. Thank you so much for your help! =). I can't wait to get more b-bags!!!!!!! :heart:

    eBay: 2005 BUBBLEGUM PINK BALENCIAGA BAG RARE !!! (item 260039881203 end time Oct-14-06 09:25:36 PDT)
  2. Hmmmmm.........not sure why it's been relisted. Did the previous listings sell? I've checked her feedback and Tedstar's bought from her, as well as jdy324, and they only buy authentic bags. The bags she sells are beautiful and I'm sure either the original listings didn't sell or that she had a non-payer.
  3. yeah I think the bag it's beautiful... maybe she did't have luck with the sell before and has to relist it :shrugs: :shrugs:
  4. maybe because she has no concept of time? Sold out for YEARS......2005 color...... who would have thought 2005 was years from 2006?

  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: sister's name is Allison and that is totally something she would say.
  6. LOL esiders, it's an Allison thing :P
  7. I've actually gone through a lot of transactions with this eBayer. She's bought from me and I've sold to her in the past. It's always been a smooth transaction, but she's a bit odd? I don't know how to put it. Her Balenciagas are definitely authentic though!
  8. i think she snaps up good deals..uses it a bit and then sells it for a profit...
  9. Thanks guys for your input! =)
    I really want the bag but unfortunately am having problems with getting packages at my apartment...Long story short, alot of the tenants at my apartment haven't been getting their mail!! >=(. And I dont want to pay for such a beautiful bag and not be able to sleep at night cuz I'm worried about it not arriving. I msged the seller about the possibility of the bag being sent to my friend and she said something like "I ONLY SHIP TO CONFIRMED ADDRESS!!!" so.......there goes the bag....................
  10. Oh no! That's really unfortunate. :sad: Hopefully your apt will take care of that soon.
  11. Darn too bad, you'll find one that's just for you dont fret!! Goodluck!!
  12. It's back again.:wtf:
  13. Ooo, maybe she's figured out a way to create B-Bag mitosis and they are actually all different bags...
  14. Bbag mitosis :nuts: ... I wish! :lol:
  15. AHHH I really want it!! =/...too bad she's so adamant about shipping to confirmed addresses...

    im actually thinking about maybe getting a city for my FIRST BBAG! i like bags that are big cuz im the kind of girl that tends to carry my whole house with me when i go out =). theres just something really comforting about being able to carry everything with you.

    i just wish they have a bubblegum city...that ships to uncomfirmed addresses! *wishing*