Kind of annoyed - missing order

  1. I went into my Coach boutique on 12/28 and bought the hearts lanyard and ordered, or so I thought, the hearts ponytail scarf. I still havent received it, so I called CS today and they have no record of the order! I called the store and they have no record of it either! Fortunately I save ALL of my receipts, but now I have to go into the store and show them the receipt, then she said they coud see about getting it overnighted to me. Its just kind of inconvenient because I wasnt planning a trip to the mall this week, but I guess I will run up there tomorrow because I want this scarf for my red Hamptons carryall. Oh well - I'll live, just kind of disappointing that they didnt follow through and order my item. It was w/my favorite SA too, so maybe she just got overwhelmed - it was still the "holiday return rush!"
  2. I'm not sure what's going on with Coach customer services and the SA's lately, but it's really discourging with the amount we spend on these items. I understand that they can get overwhelmed, but with the amount of errors coming outta JAX and everything else, I wanna know what's going on.

    Hopefully you can get this fixed and you can get your stuff soon!

  3. So sorry...I can see where you would be annoyed. Here all along you were waiting for a phone call...Or for it to arrive...Either way...To learn that neither was happening while you waited. FRUSTRATING to say the least.

    Sorry you have to make a special trip out to the mall...Glad you still had the reciept~ We want a picture when it arrives...;)
  4. oh I am so sorry that happened to you! I hope you get it soon!
  5. Sometimes I have had them ring me up items only to discover they don't have it and it must be ordered from JAX. They have to return it and then rering it as a shipped item. Perhaps the person was new. HOWEVER, you may want to check and see if they can look up your receipt from the information at the top of the receipt and save you a trip to the mall!
  6. Sorry that happned. What a bummer... :tdown:
  7. cadillactaste---had to share my bully with ya! She has the Coach pig charm hanging from her collar. Her name is Porkchop, so it suits her!
    pork.jpg 2007 Phoenix Christmas 090.jpg
  8. Another reason could be if your missing item wasn't available at JAX to fill the order, it automatically goes out to stores showing quantities of the item, to fill your order. However, if no stores fill it, it seems that COACH's system doesn't have an automatic way of alerting the originating store of the problem. I've had this happen to me too, and once YOU alert them that you haven't received everything, then they can try again. There seems to be alot of manual intervention going on here, kind of antiquated?

    I hope you can get your order filled...