Kind of "Abbey" tote?

  1. hmm i cant really help you too much on this apart from saying i suppose it probably is because i have a abbey tote and all the hardware/leather etc... is exactly the same style etc... as what is on my abbey and they tend to change the hw on diff styles is this correct?
    nice bag btw! :smile:
  2. hi there, i was wondering if you know whether that bag on eBay is authentic?? is the one on eBay the same style you have?

  3. Hi SuLi, I was wondering if the bag in that listing you referred to is authentic? any thoughts? thank you!!!
  4. No pics on the link..Cant help...
  5. [​IMG]

    Yea...this is what all the photos show, I wonder if this was even a legit Gucci or a fake -what's up with the pictures already being removed from a 1/29/07 auction - sounds VERY FISHY to ME!!!!