Kind of a silly question, but are there Coach DS Lite skins?

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  1. I know there aren't any directly from Coach, but I thought maybe some gaming site was authorized to use the graphics and such for a skin. I have a pink DS Lite I was hoping to decorate.
  2. Wow! You must have read my mind..I got a DS for Christmas..I know I'm 25 but hey I like it!!! I want a pretty Coach cover...I actually saw one in China Town in NEW YORK. It's about 30 minutes away from me when the weather gets better I'm making a trip to see if I can find it again...maybe try ebay?!?
  3. I got a DS for christmas too and Im 36. I love my DS and my mystery case files million heir game:yahoo:
  4. I turn 31 in March and love my DS Lite. I wish they had a virtual Coach shopping game. :graucho:

    I'll look into creating a skin to use on that custom skin site. I am thinking maybe Legacy stripes. Thanks!
  5. If there are any, most likely it is a big time copyright infringement.