Kind of a silly question about ring fingers...

  1. So for my 18th birthday my grandma gave me her MIL's wedding band. It's a very slim silver band that kind of looks like a vine.. (i'm really bad at describing things, sorry! :sweatdrop:) and it has a very small diamond.
    Now, i have super-tiny fingers and it only fits on my ring fingers. On my right hand i've worn for a long time a ring that was my great-grandmother's. Just a simple gold band with a black stone. Would it be wrong to wear this ring on my left hand when i am clearly not married?
    My mom said that i was being stupid and of course i could wear it on my left hand, she wore rings there when she was my age. But of course, that was back in the 70s :rolleyes:
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Here's my opinion ... I never would wear a ring on my left when I wasn't married, thought it should be for the when I get my e-ring. Do what you want except if you do you may get the question "Are you married?" a lot
  3. Before I was engaged, when I looked to buy jewelry, I wouldn't have bought a ring that only fit my left hand ring finger, however... if it was a family piece I probably would have just worn it on my ring finger and not cared what anyone else thought.

    If it bothers you, perhaps you can take it to your jeweler and have it resized?
  4. I agree.. people will ask.. i wear my promise ring and band there and well.. i look married.. people can think and guess what they want.. but they make me happy where they are..

    i wear it on my left because i use it less and well it cant get as damaged as my right.

    btw i only wear rings on my wedding fingers.. R and L
  5. I wear rings on my ring finger all the time. I usually wear my BF's promise ring (it looks a LOT like a wedding band too!) or my Tiffany's tear-drop ring. I get questions sometimes but mostly it keeps the annoying single guys away.
  6. Before I got engaged, I wore rings on my left ring finger specifically to keep annoying single guys away. :p And if someone asked (who didn't need keeping away), I said "nah, it's just a ring". Wear it where you like!
  7. Before I got engaged, I wore my grandmother's pale blue sapphire on my left hand ring finger. No one ever asked me (except close friends in jest) if I was engaged. I wore it on my right hand until my then boyfriend (now fiancee) bought me a right hand ring :smile:
  8. Prior to getting engaged, I always wore rings on that finger.
  9. ^^ same here
  10. I wore random rings on my left ring finger before I was engaged, although I'm very traditional in other ways. I stopped wearing rings on that finger when I knew that my new ring was coming so that I didn't have to take a ring off of that finger during the proposal!
  11. Before I was engaged, I wore rings on that finger all the time...I am not sure that I would just assume one to be married by the ring they are wearing.
  12. Thanks for the input ladies! I think i will be continuing to wear the ring on my left hand then.
    The only question i have gotten about being married was actually last night from this super creepy middle aged indian man who wanted me to dump my non-existent boyfriend, that i had made up to keep him away from me, for him. :rolleyes:
  13. I've seen several mentions of a promise ring. What is a promise ring? Is it another term for an engagement ring?
  14. ^^ Naw, a promise ring or commitment ring is generally given as a promise to get engaged someday but for now it isn't appropriate to do so (as far as I know, anyway). They're different from just a random ring given to you by your SO. Personally not my cup of tea and when an ex mentioned it once I told him just how insulted I'd be by such a thing... but each to their own :smile:
  15. people are dumb...i had my great-great grandmother's diamond cigar-band style ring on my right hand, pointer finger, and got asked if i was engaged :wacko:

    i say wear wat you want where u want it