Kind Gesture, Ugly Bag

Dec 6, 2005
Oh wow! You guys know I love LV Mono Canvas, that's what I have typically worn over the years. Of course my friends know that I love LV as well. Yesterday I received a belated B-day package from a dear friend, we haven't seen each other in a couple of years but still are very close. I know money is kind of tight for her, so we usually don't exchange big gifts, just little sentimental stuff that I treasure. Well, I was shocked when I opened the package to find a really small, coarse nylon bag, with a weird pattern all over it and shaped like a circle:blink: :blink: . I can't help it but it's so very ugly and so not me!!! I thanked my friend profusely, of course it is the sentiment, but what gives with the bag? It seems that she would know my taste better?? Just venting/opining!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i wanna see this thing...

that's why i always tell people to NOT buy me bags, clothes, etc. for presents - there's no accounting for personal taste, and it's just too hard to find something that even someone you know well will certainly like. they get me something i don't like and then i feel like i have to lie to them.