Kimora Lee's LV collection??

  1. I didn't want to make a new thread for this but can't find the answer anywhere..

    I've heard about people saying they've seen pictures of Kimora Lee's LV collection but I can never find any! Does anyone know or have a link to where I could?:confused1:
  2. I don't know if there is a pic of it in the Celebs with LVs thread but the only time I've seen it was in the Fabulous Life of ... TV show.
  3. Yeah..I only saw one picture in a magazine awhile back that showed her closet. It didn't show even half of her LVs though.
  4. They showed it on an old episode of MTV's Cribs. When they lived down the block from the twin towers (pre-911).
  5. She had an article @ Harper Bazaar.. I managed to save one pic someone posted on this forum.

  6. ^That's the article! Thanks for posting! :tup:
  7. ^ Omg! :wtf: :drool:
  8. It's pretty amazing. of my SAs was telling me that he got curious one day and pulled up her account (well one under her name)...and he said the total account history was only around 400K. I totally thought it would have been more. However...maybe it's possible she shops under a different name sometimes...or that a bunch were gifts.
  9. There was a big article about her in Vanity Fair within the last couple of years. If memory serves, it said that LV sends her new bags for free.

    Which irritated me to no end at the time, and I wasn't even into LV then.
  10. Holy Skfal;khfajkghkjgafghreglulvf
  11. I have to say it doesn't seem so great when you've got so many bags that they are just crammed on the shelf crushing each other...KWIM?:sad:
  12. id love to just walk in her closet. she has the biggest lv collection in the us correct?
  13. Only 400K? ;)
  14. well its a smart marketing ploy!!! shes pictured sooooo darn much that its worth there while to give away bags....FREE PUBLICITY!!

    but man...!
  15. Yeah I am surprised it is only 400K as well Twiggs, that doesn't seem that much when you consider the Marylin trunk is around 200K! It must be under Russell's name or gifts as you mentioned. On a side note, her closet made me sad because her LV's don't look loved, they are all smashed and smooshed, bad Kimora, bad! They need lvoe!