Kimora Lee's Handbag Collection

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  1. Of course, Kimora is known to have the largest Louis Vuitton collection in the world, but have ever stopped to take notice of her other bag collections. They are crazy. She has a Birkin Bag collection that is to die for. She also has collections of Gucci, Fendi and any other bag you can name, think or imagine. She has a Birkin Bag worth $50,000. There is no other bag collection like her's in the world. If anyone knows of another handbag collection that can rival Kimora's, I want to hear about it.

  2. Where did you get this information from?? I would like to read it if its from an article or website. I would also LOVVVVVVVE to actually lay eyes on her collection. That is CRACZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY.!!!!:smile:
  3. she showed her collection on MTV's crib when they did a feature on her apt in NYC...but it was damaged as result of 9/11...not sue what happened to those bags.
  4. I thought all her bags were in their NJ home?
  5. The NJ home was a seond feature on Cribs...but I'm not sure if she showed her bags as extensively as in her NYC apt. She had shelves to the ceiling and stuffed with LV's.

    Then I heard that their NYC apt was ruined after 9/ maybe she has many to fit in both homes.
  6. Access Hollywood toured her closest last year. She spoke specifically about a black, croc Birkins bag that cost $50,000, but they scanned Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and on and on. Her entire collection is Hot, Hot, Hot.
  7. Not to sound reallllly grimme but...there my be a tug of war on who is going to inherit that collection between her two littel girls. I know I would fight like crazy for it:0-)!!1
  8. I'd love to see picture of her collection.
  9. They probably won't care, because they'll have their own one day. ;) lol
  10. There is enough for both her girls to share and then SOME.
  11. And u would think that her BabyPhat bags wouldnt be cheap pleather.....:sick:
  12. Oh how right you are, I am very disappointed by the entire Baby Phat Line. It does not reflect Kimora's personal style. Kimora hands-down is one of the most stylist women in the Universe. However, her clothing line does not reflect this. I admire and will copy items Kimora wears, but am unimpressed by the Baby Phat debacle.
  13. Anyone have pictures of her bags?
  14. These are the only two pics I came across:
  15. ^^ Neither of those load for me (when I want them to get bigger) But that is one heck of an LV collection!