Kimora Lee...

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  1. HAHA!!! I finally did !! It was something like 3 or 4 am here. I love Starbucks, but that is why I shouldn't drink coffee after 6 pm, one cup after 6 and I am up ALL night !! HAHA.
  2. Im not a fan... Versace doesnt domuch for me.. :sad:
  3. Ohhhhh...I AM loving that bag!!!
  4. I think that bag is pretty, tho I try to avoid the same speedy shapes.
  5. How odd.. I just saw a girl yesterday with that exact bag and after stealing lots of glances at it I finally saw the Versace logo and voila.. here it is on the board!
  6. I was looking at that bag on eluxury a few days ago, its gorgeous!
  7. I agree! I usually don't like Versace because they are so over the top but I do like this bag. I definitely does remind me of an LV Speedy.
  8. A bit too flashy for me whoever made it!
  9. I DO like it even though I am NOT a fan of Versace.
  10. i think i saw on tv how kimora lee buys EVERY LV PIECE as soon as it comes out. some people are just lucky, i guess. lucky enough to marry a dude as rich as russell.
  11. Not only did she marry a rich man, she also has her own business ventures. Yes, she has every LV item on preorder. Lucky boutique huh?
  12. Apparently, "Kimora Lee's Louis Vuitton collection may be the largest owned by one person" according to several magazines!!!
  13. I love Kimora's bag... but it is sad to see that I never see her carrying her own line of bags in her photos... she makes some cute bags/purses for Baby Phat!!
  14. holy camel toe on kimora!
  15. what is camel toe?