Kimora Lee...

Feb 8, 2006
Is this an older or a super new bag she's carrying? I'm pretty sure it's LV, if you look in the 3rd pic where I drew the circles, it has some LV features. If anyone knows about this bag I'd love to know, although I'm sure its way out of my price range!



Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
PurseFanatic said:
Yea, it does have shameless branding, but with a bag that gorgeous, it's ok! :smile: I normally don't like their stuff which is why I never would have guessed it was by them.

Same here! I saw it on Elux a couple of weeks ago and was like "woah, I didn't think I liked Versace!" :P Usually I like my bags a little more neutral, but I do like this one! Maybe because it resembles a Speedy :amuse: