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  1. Is this an older or a super new bag she's carrying? I'm pretty sure it's LV, if you look in the 3rd pic where I drew the circles, it has some LV features. If anyone knows about this bag I'd love to know, although I'm sure its way out of my price range!

  2. I remember when I first saw it I got an LV feeling as well.. The lock on the side is definitely LV inspired :P
  3. OH YOU FOUND IT !!!! Thank you!!!!! Any idea how old it is? Price range?
  4. Click on the eluxury link, it says $1482. Wow... this is a really nice bag!! I love it!
  5. I found it on elux, thanks!!! I want I want I want !!!!
  6. Duh, I just saw the link, can you tell it's late/early and time for me to go to bed? HAHA!
  7. I want too I want too!!! :lol: This bag does scream out "VERSACE" in your face! It's probably the only bag I like from them so far.
  8. Yea, it does have shameless branding, but with a bag that gorgeous, it's ok! :smile: I normally don't like their stuff which is why I never would have guessed it was by them.
  9. Same here! I saw it on Elux a couple of weeks ago and was like "woah, I didn't think I liked Versace!" :P Usually I like my bags a little more neutral, but I do like this one! Maybe because it resembles a Speedy :amuse:
  10. And PurseFanatic, go to bed!! :P :biggrin: I have a good excuse for being up, it's 11:22 AM in Sweden :P
  11. Ah Kimora, my LV buying hero !
  12. I think the one that she has is the older model (last year to be exact), the one without the monogram. I have exactly the same bag.
  13. thats a really nice bag! loves it.
  14. <drool>
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