Kimora Lee Simons for Hello Kitty

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  1. Have you see Kimora Lee Simons for Hello Kitty's Jewelry & Watches? They are extremely cute, however, the price tags aren't. =(
    Neiman Marcus Online
  2. How cute! I love all the jewellry, actually I like almost everything in Hello Kitty. I was just about to say I will get something and I almost choked when I saw the prices!!!!!
  3. i knoowwww
    i love those hello kitty watches..but it's EX!:crybaby:
  4. very cute stuff! i love hello kitty stuff. too expensive for me, i would rather buy tarina taratino (sP?) stuff.
  5. Very cute, and very pricey!
  6. two year old wants a few pieces...hee hee
  7. :love: :love:
    i am addicted to tarina tarantino's pink head collection!!
  8. I refuse to put a penny in her pocket. I just dont like the woman. But that necklace is cute.
  9. I bet Mariah Carey would love these!! :nuts:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. those are cute and insanely pricey! good thing i dont like hello kitty. :lol:
  12. I love Hello Kitty but I hate Kimora ...
  13. OMG!!! Those are the cutest little things! I am a huge Hello Kitty fan, but something tells me that my husband's not going to run out and buy me a watch that expensive. :crybaby:
  14. I Love Her Pieces.....Very Cute!
  15. Very cute!