Kimora Lee Simmons' bag - Chanel?

  1. Not sure if this goes here, or in the Chanel subforum...but here goes:

    Is Kimora's bag a Chanel?

    (from Perez Hilton)

  2. Looks like a Chanel?
  3. Thats for sure a Chanel!!!
  4. uh oh what is up with this scene right here?

    is kimora B****ing again ahha
  5. looks like a chanel..
    who's that guy with her...shorty?
  6. They picked the worst picture to add to the blog. In all the others she's smiling.

    Yes it's a Chanel, and they guy with her is her publicist BJ Coleman.

  7. She's wearing BP everyone!
  8. Lovely Chanel
  9. that's a lovely chanel indeed! :yes: :love:
  10. I like Kimora-she has the biggest Louis Vuitton collection. :heart:

  11. love the chanel...what style is it?
  12. ugh I can't stand her bags
  13. Does anyone know the style of this purse? Thanks!
  14. I would like to know the style of this bag also.
  15. That bag is gorgeous. :love:
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