Kimora and Russell Simmons fakin' it?

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  1. There are reports that they split. I think they look funny together. He looks like Mr. Potato head. Don't you think he can go without a baseball cap and sneakers.
    KimoraLeeS_Mazur_11313711_600.jpg KimoraLeeS_Wargo_11313325_600.jpg
  2. LOL... mr. potato head. i definitely agree with that!
  3. they split months ago:confused1:
  4. Yes. He was rumored to be dating Petra Nemcova.:shrugs:
  5. I remember reading something about them deciding to stay together. Something about Kimora just bugs me!!!!! :yucky:
  6. She looks like a total diva, like she would be a real you know B^%#@! I just don't care for her!
  7. She Looks Like A Transvestite , Or Is Just Me ?
  8. i'm not the biggest fan of kimora, she's so dramatic and such a diva. :yucky:
  9. There is such a thing as an amicable split. It's not like they were holding hands in the picture. He also is not dating Petra- she just released a statement the other day saying her and Russell are not together.

    Anyway I doubt K & R are together- her house got listed to be sold and he lives in a Manhattan apartment. (According to the Daily News Page Six.)
  10. My girl Kimora! She's loud, boisterous, annoying, although quite young, she is well on her way to developing self-absorption into an art form almost to the level I have, albeit, if I may modestly suggest, with somewhat less grace ;)

    Her efforts to achieve imperiousness is touchingly as ineffective as they are affected, I have no idea why I like her, but she is fabulous, and it is with lively pleasure that I look forward to her daughters growing up and writing tell-all books.
  11. Oh poo. The editing period expired, and I have a typo, it should be efforts ARE as ineffective.

    My apologies.
  12. I believe it's all for show. There were rumours they were living in different quarters of their house looong before they announced they were divorcing. And another rumour---I've heard he's actually on the DL (downlow).
  13. hmmm he does look cheesy... old guy trying too hard to look younge maybe?
  14. yeah not a fan of hers.
  15. I thought James Blunt (Blount???) was dating her?
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