Kimono Wallet. Cracked on the thread. What would happen if I continue to use?

  1. I have this gorgeous wallet. Been using for about 8 months and I kept it for almost 5 months because of this cracked. Can I still continue using it? I am afraid the thread will burst then.

    I texted my wonderful SA, she said once the leather was cracked, nothing could be done Sigh. Screenshot_2017-03-10-10-41-32-01.jpeg
  2. Ur SA is correct however if ur wallet is under a year old LV has to replace it! This is unacceptable quality issue. I would try going to LV and expressing my disappointment with their products to their manager....if it's over a year all will depend on a person assisting u. But I would still try getting them to replace it
  3. Since it cannot be repaired, I'd keep using it. Otherwise it will sit in a box unused.
  4. I would take it back to the store and politely request that a manager examine it, possibly for exchange/credit or repair, especially because it's not even a year old yet. It's reasonable to expect wear and tear, especially if used daily, but to have cracking like that is premature and should be acknowledged by LV. Should you decide to keep it and continue to use it then then the cracking will only worsen over time and could possibly affect the wallet's structural integrity.
  5. My wallet just passed one year old almost 13months. I guess thats y i couldnt get a replacement. But i started to realize the edges, glazing started to crack. My SA agreed to send this for a foc reglazing. I just sent my wallet for repairing. But for the crack, nothing can be done :sad: She said it still can be used, the thread won't burst. Lets see how it goes.
  6. My wallet's edges started to crack as well on the glazing. My SA agreed to send for foc reglazing. As for the leather cracked, nothing can be done. Lets see how it goes.
  7. Already sent in for repairing but not the leather cracked...they said once leather cracked, nothing can be done. Sigh. I sent in to repair the glazing...because the glazing started to crack as well.
  8. As a leather worker I have seen this before on some wallets using split and pigmented leather. Split leather is leather that has been split lengthways. The cheaper lower layer is then dyed and sprayed with a surface pigment usually of plastic origin, they then put it through a machine that embosses a pattern (saffiano in your case). The upper layer of the split is usually kept for more expensive parts (such as LV's handles) and left natural or Aniline dyed to the desired colour where the grain can still be felt and seen to some extent.
    It's unfortunate that LV is using this type of leather known as 'bicast', I am a big LV fan too. The splitting along the seam you see is a dead giveaway as the fibres of the lower layer are looser and weaker. Repair is possible but the work involved including re-stitching and reinforcements would probably be cost prohibitive. I'd recommend pushing for a repair on their dime as this is unacceptable for the price point!
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  9. Wow...thanks for the reply, I have learned something new today.
    As for an update, LV already offered me an one to one exchange after i emailed to HQ about this issue. Meanwhile, i am just browsing internet which bag i wanted to exchange :smile:
  10. Can you pls give me the HQ email add? Thank you!
  11. That's great to hear. You can't put a price on good customer service! Let us know what you end up getting
  12. Please tell me how you managed to email HQ? What's the email address. My pochette metis reverse has the exact same cracking on the same spot as yours wear the flap open and closes. I'm mega fed up, peeved off frustrated :annoyed::annoyed:.. it been at the store nearly 5 weeks!!. It's over 4hrs round trio for me to drive so don't want to go just to have a slanging match with them. They still haven't decided Wether they are going to or repair.. or replace. I'm left in limbo because they can't decide:hrmm:. I try ring the store number but it get redirected to a central customer service . I done this twice and they say I have to be patient:confused1:.. come off it!!. They say they will email the store and they to update me. So far no phone call from them, another week they will have had the bag longer than I've ever had it... I feel I need to escalate it as no one seems to be taking any charge in resolving this.. im at the end of my tether. Its like squeezing blood out of stone!! please tell me how you did it. Thanks
  13. I just logged into lv website...scrolled to the bottom, clicked "contact" and "send an email". Then from there i wrote them an email regarding my concern of my Kimono wallet :smile:
  14. Thank you...i was actually eyeing for Pochette Felicie in Empreinte. But i might be ended up getting another bag, not Pochette Felicie because i have so many bags i wanted in my mind :smile:
  15. I am so sorry to hear that... :sad: You must be really frustrated. I can feel you.
    What i did was I logged into lv website, then scrolled to the bottom, clicked contact/send an email...then from there i wrote my concern of my wallet.
    My wallet was still in the Lv store, so the person in charged told me to wait...she would go and examine my wallet. I received a call after a week, she told me the happy news that i could get an one to one exchange :smile: