Kimono glazing question

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  1. Does anyone have any information on the kimono glazing from 2015? I am debating buying a preloved one and am wondering if it has been one of the bags in the “recall” between 2013-2015? I called CS and they of course suggested I bring the bag into the boutique for assessment, but I can’t do that because I haven’t bought it yet. Any experiences out there? Thanks!
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  2. It was discussed in the Recall thread, just search kimono. It was the paint that was melting off.
  3. Thank you for the reply, vibenphon1. I did search before I posted and again now but could not find anything. Maybe I just missed it. Are you referring to the paint on the glazing or on the trim along the sides?
  4. Was that not the kabuki line?
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  5. I think there’s confusion because there’s no paint on kimono. I have one (not that old though).
  6. Thanks for that information. I really love the kimono. It is such a beautiful bag! But the recall thread says to consider all leather bags between 2013-2015 as being on the list. I don’t know if the kimono would be included and CS wouldn’t verify. I just don’t want to be walking into problems because I won’t have a receipt from the original purchaser.
  7. Perhaps stay away then. It is a beauty. But they’ll always be something new coming out.
  8. I've not seen the Kimono mentioned and followed that thread closely. The kabuki was melting.
  9. Thank you snibor and mrsinsyder for your responses. I follow that thread also and searched the kimono thread and couldn’t find anything. I’m not one to over scrutinize LV because I love the brand, but was wondering if anyone had any issues that might not have been reported. Trying to do my homework because the bag is a beauty!
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  10. Not all bags from 2013-2015 are affected (though yes, a consideration if you're wanting to buy preloved). I have recently purchased one from that time period and both have been fine. My nano Dora is fine (whereas I know some of the larger Doras are affected). I also don't remember reading about Kimono being affected.
  11. Thank you so much for your reply karman! That's good to know. I didn't think all bags in that time were affected but since the kimono has quite a bit of leather I was concerned. I am so glad you have a good one. I hope you are enjoying it! I have a retiro NM in aurore from 2015 that is fine, but I am watching it because I read some of those bags have had problems. Thanks again.
  12. Yes. Lol. Gosh I’m having a good week... :biggrin:
  13. I mean...kabuki...kimono...:biggrin:
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