Kimono dresses

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  1. Are they still in style this spring? I like them.
  2. Why not ? I like them too !
  3. I hope so! I have one that I bought this past fall, and I :heart: it! Even if it's *not* still in style, I'm going to wear it anyhow...
  4. i like them too!
  5. Yeah I bought one that I really love, I bought one for my 4 1/2 year old daughter too, it is so darling.
  6. They make beautiful outfits. You can always find interesting designs ...just love them.
  7. i love them too :love: and i think they're very flattering for all figure types plus as prada said they come in beautiful prints and patterns
  8. I'd love to get one but not sure where to find them.
  9. i know bebe had a bunch of cute ones last season :yes:

    and i've seen a bunch on Nordstrom's site...

    just type in the word Kimono in the search box...Single makes some gorgeous kimono dresses

  10. kara janx's (from project runway) omnipresent kimono wrap dress (which also comes in a short sleeve form)

  11. Love them! I loved all the bebe ones ^I like that beige/black one from the Nordstrom site too.
  12. I love them & will definately be wearing them this spring & summer.
  13. I'm considering wearing one (similar to the ones by Single posted above) to a wedding in the Midwest next weekend -- brrrrrr!!! Would it look weird to wear a kimono dress in the middle of winter with, say, semi-opaque tights? I just don't want to go bare-legged with a kimono dress. What do you think?
  14. They aren't In anymore, but who cares? I like to think of them as timeless.
  15. Those dresses are beautiful! Thanks for posting them jc2239.