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Dec 10, 2005
Here is my LV collection broken down - minus a few bits - but i will take some new pics when my new stuff comes which includes Dior .......


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Hey ..... yeah a bit he he

I think I am going to branch out into new brands - Ii would like the dior gambler bag, a chloe paddington in chocolate or tan, a bulga bag and a luella lol --- well see hmmm

But LV will always be my fav
that is so many LV bags!!! They're nice!! I have the multicolor speedy!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. also got the epi sofflout, accesseries pouch, and another epi
Cute collection :smile: I'll get back to your PM a little later when I make sure the facts I have are correct. Not too familiar with the gambler line, but my SA knows his stuff :biggrin:
I love the fact that you photographed some special editions for us to appreciate! You have the hard-to-find fuschia vernis, dalmation multicolor, graffiti .. wow! *sigh* so lucky, you are! They're so beautiful!