Kimmora Lee Simmons receipt came with my purchase!

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  1. My Mirage Speedy came in the mail a couple weeks ago, and when it did, I found my receipt and put it away. But then I saw another receipt in the box among the tissue paper. I thought they'd given me a duplicate reciept, but turns out it wasn't mine, but Kimmora Lee Simmons's! They must have dropped it in there by mistake. I thought it was kinda cool, but the only thing that bothers me is that my purchase was more expensive than hers!

    *I am removing the pic because it shows Kimora's address.*
  2. How weird is that.
  3. i think it's cool to see what she got(2 neverfulls for herself?)...but not sure it's ok to post her personal information here?
  4. That's pretty neat...too bad her name is spelled wrong. I would say maybe because of privacy reasons but I see that didn't pan out so
  5. That is funny! LOL... shows us what "celebs" are buying AND for once paying for! lol
  6. O.o that receipt looks nothing like my LV receipts.. O.o Are european ones different from US ones?

    It's quite freaky that this happens. >_<
  7. interesting but I would take it down I wouldn't want my address on here. Her show is pretty cute.
  8. That's really cool but I think you should put something over her address and phone number so no one can read it.
  9. How odd..
  10. WOW thats cool
  11. No! Really? That is so cool! Kind of careless of whoever packaged your stuff though.
  12. She owns tons of LV but I don't like her. She has a huge attitude problem. Tyra Banks is a lot nicer.
  13. doesn't it kill you if she paid so much less for the same bag?
  14. Sorry guys...I edited the picture so it doesn't show her address. It didn't occur to me, only about the CC number but I thought that was safe since it only showed the last 4 numbers. Anyway, I edited that too.

  15. ^^That's good....Anyway, congrats with your Mirage!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.