Kimmies Ergo Hobo! Part 2 *T*U*R*Q*U*O*I*S*E*!!

  1. My ergo hobo collection is officially complete!! Just arrived today! And as lovely as can be. Here she is........The hot turquoise Large ergo hobo!!!:wlae::yahoo:
    Ebay Pics 771.jpg Ebay Pics 770.jpg
  2. Ahhhhh. That is gorgeous!!
  3. Very pretty. Congrats!
  4. wow.. so darn cute.. Kimmie, let post her next to her patent sister :woohoo:
  5. Gorgeous.... congratulations!! I'm leaning towards the larger sized Ergo hobos myself.
  6. wow.. beautiful! You have added so many great bags lately.. better start a rotation process! :graucho: :tup:
  7. that is very pretty :smile:
  8. GORGEOUS! I prefer this color to the pond I think.. :biggrin: Congrats!
  9. love it! congrats
  10. beautiful color!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I may HAVE to get something in turquoise now! *lol*
  12. Sure! no problem!!:tup:
    Ebay Pics 766.jpg Ebay Pics 772.jpg
  13. wait, they have patent white!? omg!! the decisions!
  14. That color is soo gorgeous Kimmie! Congrats!
  15. they're both so beautiful!!!!! Yes I do too like the turquoise much better than the new pond:p