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  1. Does anyone know anything about this diet? Is it similar to Atkins? I've heard people are losing 10-15 pounds during their first week on it.:tup:
  2. I went on her website and it shows very little about the diet its self. Also I tried to find out who she even was and oculdnt find anything except that she is someone that used to be overweight. I wanted to see if she any accrediations and it doesnt look like she does. :sad:

    I would stay away from carzy fad diets like this they are not good in the long run and realistically you cannot maintain whatever crazy plan she has. I would save you money and go talk to a real nutristionist who can make a plan for a healthier LIFESTYLE. What really throws up a red flag for me is they claim that you do not ever have to work out to loose weight and that you can loose 10-15lbs in the first week. We have to face the facts that this is IMPOSSIBLE! I mean really now, unless you are really overweight and eating a huge ammount of calories a day your body will not drop that much weight and it is not healthy to try and do so either.

    There is no magical pill or magical diet out there or we would be a nation of skinny people. You really have to look at what is SAFE and what really works. Eat right, excersise and live a healthy lifestyle and anyone can loose weight! :smile:

    If you have any diet questions dont hesitate to ask I am in the fitness field and I am about to graduate with my Health and Human Performance degree. I love doing research on differnt diets to see what is new out there. :smile:
  3. I was just wondering if maybe it's a style of eating that maybe promotes weight loss, kind of like the Zone diet where you eat healthy carbs and protein.

    Thanks for the advice neodamonkey.
  4. 10-15 pounds in one week.......... you're most likely losing water weight and it will most like come back after you get off the diet.
  5. I think the best way to loose weight is cut any artificial sugar and eat less bread, noodles or rice. Last, have dinner before six pm and don't eat anything after that.. try that for a week.. I guarantee huge success!!
  6. ^^^:yes:
    1-2 pounds a week is usually recommended and the healthiest way to go.
  7. Not sure I didnt really see a lot on the site about what the diet actually was :confused1:
  8. I know a little about it from a diet forum I frequent. She isn't anybody; she's a woman who lost a lot of weight on a starvation diet and now is trying to make money off it. Her diet basically involves eating lean protein and little else. Atkins at least was developed and tested by an MD.

  9. Don't use the Atkins!!! :tdown:

    Does anyone know how he died??? LOL
  10. Thanks to those that offered some insight- other than that, we do not promote fad diets like this, especially ones that boast that you will loose 10-15 lbs in a week, which is medically unhealthy.
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