Kim Porter/P. Diddy child support $1.2 mil

  1. Well according to celebrity attorneys, she should be. Porter - who has had three children with Diddy may be looking to receive $1.2 million a year:

    “With Misa Hylton-Brim receiving approximately $30,000 a month, there is no reason that Ms. Porter shouldn’t be able to get close to $100,000 or more per month in child support,” celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told Page Six. “That amount accounts for Porter having three children with Combs and inflation in the years since Misa received the ruling in her case.
  2. Maybe it's time for Mr Combs to get snipped.
  3. lol Hubba Wubba
  4. I'm lost... I thought he was marrying Kim Porter:shrugs:
  5. hope she gets it. he's such a dog
  6. I heard about them breaking up but why?
  7. She knew he was a dog...but she stuck around and had two kids with him.
  8. she supported this jerk for a long time, raising his kids and hoping he'd come back and marry her while dating around. . . We don't know what he was telling her, I'm sure he was promising things and trying to keep her on the side. . .
    she deserves it IMO.
  9. i hope she gets that amount and more.
  10. I don't feel sorry for her one bit. She knew exactly what type of person he is and stuck with him so that one day, she could do exactly what she's doing now. Get PAID. I just hope she doesn't get any diseases to go along with all of that $$ she's been after. Sometimes, the end is so not worth the means.
  11. I don't know:shrugs:
    I've known so many girls whose self esteem was SO low, they truly had no concept of reality when it came to the boys.
    Ah well! LOL!
  12. Good for her, I hope she gets even more.
  13. Kim and the children should be set for's only fair.
  14. She finally packed up and moved out with the kids- rumor is he got someone else pregnant. That's believeable in a way, she knew he is a ho- so I'm thinking it was more than seeing him out all night with Sienna Miller (that was reported in Page Six) that made her finally pack her things after all this time.
  15. I hope she gets half of his cash!x