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  2. I think people (especially women) should give Kim a break. It's hard work being pregnant. She has a human being inside if her for goodness sake. It takes a toll on the body.
  3. Absolutely, that's my thing I am shocked women will even talk about a pregnant woman being fat its just dont sound right. I guess when my BFF was pregnant I was supposed to be making fun of her because she was swollen from head to toe. Pregnancy to some women is no joke some it's fun I have heard while some its not and my BFF said she will never do it again, she was miserable pregnant.
  4. This is the fastest moving thread ever! Thanks for the lols, girls.
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  6. eh, i can sympathize with her b/c i know the toll it takes on your body BUT girl doesn't have to work, cook, clean, care for another child, i can't feel too bad. sorry, JMO.
  7. she looked amazing in the white Lanvin dress she wore for her baby shower this weekend!
  8. New thread! :yahoo:

    I wish Tweegy was still around to properly introduce #22. :sad:

    For real. The show can still film without her but we all know her mom(Kris) "ain't having that!".
  9. Wow a new Kimmy Kakes thread!!
  10. Sorry but none of those duties change the fact that carrying a baby is hard on the body. I do agree that having to work, clean, etc. adds to it but as a mother ( my son just turned 1), I can still remember and feel her pain.
  11. I've had 4 babies. My only hard one was my 3rd. My other 3 were easy breezy. From what I can see she isn't taking care of herself, traveling, heels, etc..etc...she should be relaxing, resting her swollen to the core feet instead she doesn't miss a photo op. So as a mother I do not feel sorry for her at all. She has it easy but chooses to make it hard.
  12. Then maybe she should spend time in bed relaxing instead of spending hours getting done up to go out and be photographed. When I was pregnant I worked 10 hour days because we were in the midst of launching our business and it required me to be there and I didn't expect anyone to feel sorry for me, it was my choice just like its hers.

    And after her fertility problem bs, those of us with real fertility issues have lost all sympathy for her. You reap what you sow
  13. I had a fairly easy pregnancy too up until the very end but I know my experience does not equal everyone else's. I worked and wore heels to work everyday until I was 8 months pregnant. I agree she does seem to be doing too much but some of the comments here are just down right nasty, JMO.
  14. This!
  15. I wasn't saying people should feel sorry for her. I was just trying to say I think women ripping her to shreds is not right. To each his own I guess.
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