Kim Kardashian thread XVIII

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  1. Well she's already had the White wedding, maybe the next will be BLACK!

  2. until a couple of days ago - i would not have had a clue who you were talking about!!! (someone posted a pic and something about her on another site) now that i do............ITA with you!!!!:graucho:

  3. well you know vera wang has a new line of black wedding dresses!!! if she gave one free to kim i am sure she would wear it!:graucho:
  4. Yeah, I thought they had some integrity .. won't be renewing that subscription!
  5. So, in either of next weeks Life&Style/InTouch/UsWeekly/, we can expect to see photoshopped, staged bikini candids of "Kim and Kanye's Romantic Weekend Getaway!!!"

    Complete with splashing in the water, fake laughing, fake cuddling.
  6. She needs to control that ***!
  7. Nothing's interesting in that family anymore.

    Khloe has her little lam lam.
    Kourts busy mothering it up.
    Kendell models, doesn't do much besides that.
    Kylie tags onto kendell.
    Kim is busy being a "perfect" b!tch
    Rob sells socks
    Bruce is living in a cave.
    Kris is trying to act like a 20 year old. Seeing old boyfriends, flashing cleavage on twitter.

    Do these people have any interesting cousins or something? They should do a family Reunion episode.
  8. I admit, I don't watch the show because I don't want to help their ratings.
  9. If they aren't personal paps or if the Ks are calling them, how do the paps know where to go? Did they all just happen to be in Hawaii on vacation, see Easy and Yeazy and decide to take a few photos? They must think we're stupid.
  10. Yikes.
    He's got major marshmallow tummy.

    And usually yoga / workout pants make almost anyone's booty look better no matter your size.

    They lift it, round it and that's why so many walk around in them even when they have NO inclination of doing yoga or working out that day so how in the world does Kim's butt look worse in them ??

    W THE. EFF.
  11. OMG I totally agree
  12. Her lips look huuuuge! And, yes, the title is very witty!

  13. If it were her paps the pics would have been picture perfect before release.
  14. Kim Kardashian ‏@KimKardashian
    Hey @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash, can you think of a reason to visit the UK ;)

    KhloéKardashianOdom ‏@KhloeKardashian
    OMG @KimKardashian @KourtneyKardash BEYOND excited! I wish we could tell everyone now... but not long until we can reveal the news!

    Kourtney Kardashian ‏@KourtneyKardash
    @KimKardashian me too!! I can't wait to reveal the big news to everyone in the UK! Let's just say we'll be seeing you soon!
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