Kim Kardashian thread XVIII

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  1. :lol:
  2. It's not photoshop. There have been some pictures in the past where her butt looks like it does in that photo.
  3. Her butt should be one of the first places to get toned. When you work out hard, it shows in your butt. Every athletic person i know has a toned behind. It should be hard and firm, not jiggly. She clearly is not working out hard enough.
  4. Well, a *little* jiggle is good,IMO.

    After her breakup with Reggie she was in amazing shape. Still curvy but she was toned and you could actually see that she was working out. Gunnar had her looking fantastic...
  5. Every time I see your avatar, I want to roar at my computer screen.

  6. Kim at 'Kardashian Khaos' at The Mirage Hotel in Vegas 06/03/12

    What a boring outfit...didn't someone predict she was gonna be in all black? Her face looks creepy/unfortunate as usual..




  7. :lol:

    Yeah, it's black and boring but I don't hate it. Kanye has her wearing quite a bit of Lanvin lately, I approve. I just wish she would go for the more interesting pieces.....

    Her face looks a little weird but I like the makeup.
  8. LOL, if she's going to wear the Spanx in the first place, why did she only wear the high-waisted panty ones and not the ones with shorts attached? I mean, it's a maxi dress, it isn't like they're going to show...any more than they already are!:p
  9. Kanye needs to buy Kim a new pair of shoes. *yaaaawwwwwwwwwn*
  10. As the Spanx wearer of the group. It's hot, and covered thighs on a hot day are not fun.

    She just should have worn the dress like Khloe and skipped the Spanx. Maybe they were trying to show the different ways the dress could be worn. But Kim just ended up looking like a fool who tried to hard.
  11. Pops in from Skarsgard thread...Oh No You Didn't !!!:lol::lol:


    Edit: And I am totally gif jacking that Skarsgard creation btw ;)
  12. I think she's stopped with the hardcore contouring & heavy Bronzer.
  13. All this black is killing me!
  14. Exactly. She sucked it all out. She only has fat where she wants it... and the parts that should be small... are small.
  15. I was suggesting that in another Kim thread.

    The guy would be destroying the heavy makeup, man handling the wig... how can that be appealing?

    On the other hand, I think she and Kanye are a public, for-the-camera-couple and not an intimate one. So it's not a problem for her... or him.
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