Kim Kardashian thread XVIII

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  1. woot woot new thread.
  2. The dress itself isn't that cute, but she looks alright. I'm not that offended by it.
  3. Having sex with Kim would be the most un-sexy experience. Having to remove the spanx, then spending 10 mins helping her get out of her fave skin tight leather pants, all while getting layers of makeup smudged on your face. Poor Kanye
  4. :roflmfao:

    That's must how it be for her everynight before she goes to bed.....
  5. un-sexy and boring!
  6. I think the maxi dress looks just terrible and looks 5 sizes too small. The stripes are supposed to start under her arse, too...not in the middle of it. Looks like she tried to turn the dress into spanx or something, and I don't understand how she dares to leave the house like that.
  7. I love my Spanx. You just have to have a sexy bra, high heels & an attitude. Men don't care.

    Of course I refuse to wear them all the time. Or when it's hot out.
  8. I tried them before and can't stand them.
  9. Why does she even need spanx? Her tummy looks pretty flat to me. It's not like she has rolls of fat she needs to hide.
  10. She probably always wear Spanx so that her bootay and thighs dont look like that in skin tight dresses.
  11. <--------- Not a fan of Spanx. Not comfy and I hate wearing them. I couldn't imagine wearing them with maxi dresses and under pants especially in the summer?! Oh, no! :nogood:

    Pics like that are why I don't think she goes 'hard' in the gym the way she wants everyone to believe. I'm not knocking her for her cellulite, most women have it. I just wish she would stop pretending that she's working out hardcore when her body says otherwise. She has a nice shape but she lacks tone...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.