Kim Kardashian thread XVIII

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    Can someone please wake me up when tis bish gets her fashion sense back
  2. enjoy your nap
  3. There's a greater chance we'll see Haley's Comet before that day comes around.
  4. lol:d
  5. They should! :graucho:

  6. Oh boy! It's been a long time since I last visited this thread and I see pics of Kimmy in leather pants ALL OVER THE PLACE!

    I really DON'T get it.. why is she changing her style to match her bf? She has a wardrobe most of us can only dream of, a fabulous collection of CL shoes and designer bags and she INSISTS on wearing leather skinnies + black t-shirt + black bag? She's done "rock - chic" better when she was actually herself...

    From a psychologist's point of view, one could say that she's extremely insecure about herself and believes that others will love and appreciate her only if she "fits in". I used to belive that as well - when I was 12. She's a grown woman now, makes her own money (and a lot of them actually), bought her own house (and a great one actually), she's an older sister to 4 of her siblings and is an aunt as well. Not to mention she's the role model (unfortunately) for many teen girls out there. One would imagine she would have gained some self-confidence and learned to value herself more. I actually feel kinda sad for her, since she has everything a girl could ever ask for (at least wealth-wise) and STILL hasn't found her true self. I really hope she does.
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  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Truth.

    Kimmy...since your people read this (among many, many sites) listen to the logic here. If you have to change for him, or anyone, they ain't worth it. Your fame survived the wedding. The world still watches and waits to see what you will do. Go back to being you.
  10. I just saw the sex tape while in vegas and I must say she had huge lips then so don't think she is plumping them..also her butt was really up close and looked real to me, shes built that way. just mho.
  11. HA! She's gonna be like Rip Van Winkle waiting on this chick!
  12. You may become Rip Van Winkle, I don't think her fashion sense is returning any time soon!

  13. It's already been established that she's getting lip injections every now and then and that her a** is fake. But thanks for your input. :balloon:
  14. :roflmfao:
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