Kim Kardashian, The Spokes Model For A New Brand of Clothing

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    Film director and music producer Christopher Stokes has launched a high-end, contemporary street wear fashion line, appropriately called Christopher Brian Apparel, and the ads, featuring none other than porn tape queen Kim Kardashian, donning everything from exclusive eyewear to handbags and shoes designed by Kim herself.

    Stokes signed Kim, a celebrity wardrobe stylist and closet organizer, to lead the multimillion dollar ad campaign sometime last year. As the label spokesmodel, Kim will appear in all advertisements slated for 2007 and will design pieces to be sold in addition to the men's line in her boutique store, Dash, located in Calabasas, California, in the spring and summer of 2008.

    Specialty retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom will carry the line.
  2. Ugh...I SOOO did not need to see that coin slot!!!! Blech.
  3. looks interesting.
  4. WHY does such a beautiful girl pose in such a trashy way?
  5. I think she's gorgeous but the photos don't really make me want to buy their clothes.
  6. ewwwwww! Why do they have to show her butt?
  7. Um ew. That's even worse than the visible thong!! :yucky:
  8. :O what in the world? bit too much me thinks!
  9. Yuck!
  10. She is very pretty, don't like the pose though
  11. I just can't help but disliking her, she is a friend of Paris, which means she must be trashy.
  12. I like her ...I think she's very attractive and the jeans will be a def buy WHY ..all that sexiness sells

    Chris Stokes the name sounds familiar - I need to google him that lil kim ex BF ????
  13. I dont think she's trashy and hanging with someone cannot make you be nor act like them
  14. Pretty girl, yea. But not a fan of the poses! To each their own I guess!
  15. :lol:^^^
    I'm out of the loop...was she one of the participant's in 'cattle drive'?