Kim Kardashian Style Thread


Apr 9, 2018
Am I the only one who struggles to understand the fact that she has an underwear company and wears the worst fitted bra in the history of humanity? It’s too tight and doesn’t fit properly!!!!!!! KIM!!1!!!


How Sentimental
Jan 14, 2009
Where the wild things are
O.5m dead in the US from COVID-19, and nobody wears a mask.
The wait staff looks to be masked AND gloved. :tup:
This is like where I used to work. Everything was moved outside. Some places ---like this one--- partially enclose the area in a plastic tent. Others just add a covered 'patio' area. The seating is far more spaced than 'normal'. Since people are eating and drinking they are not masked.
I suppose people could use a plastic shield or one of those masks with a zipper where the mouth is when they are in a place like this but I haven't seen either catch on yet.
Besides, Gov Nuisance is a big fan of dining out :coolio:
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