**kim kardashian style thread**

  1. Thanks for starting the style thread! I much prefer the focus to be on the pics and style rather than her personal life!
  2. They are the Alti shoe and they came out last year and basically flew off the shelves! I psycho-stalked them for weeks and then gave up hope...then I see this picture and I think I must start stalking them again!!!:p
  3. can anyone identify the top KK is wearing? love this entire look. thanks!
  4. I love the outfit she wore to the superbowl. Black and green (as opposed to gold) went well because the green seemed like it had a slight gold blend in it ( if this makes any sense to you) lol ,anyhow I think it was perfect. ALSO, she's one of the FEW celebs that actually wears their pieces more than once...shes worn those jeans she wore to the superbowl before and she wears her report boots all the time.
  5. Love kims style..I like that even though she has $$ she buys trendy pieces that with some saving everyone of us could afford
  6. I love her style - its usually not anything I could pull off, but I love it on her. On a side note: I usually turn my nose at celeb perfumes, but I am LOVING the KK perfume!
  7. I love this coat and of course her gorgeous birkin :heart:
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  8. ^ Very pretty look!
  9. Thank you :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I contacted CL and was told the same but the Bianca's are very similar - there is a wait list to own a pair

  10. Can someone ID the black jacket from the show where she and her sister went for a weekend getaway
  11. I believe it's Maria Hoffman. You can often find out the brands of what she wore by checking out her stylists blog. Her stylist is Monica Rose.
  12. She always looks great! She has one killer handbag collection!!!
  13. Love this jacket. Can anyone id it?
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  14. ^^^possibly rick owens