**kim kardashian style thread**

  1. Helps having makeup pros/hair experts/stylists at your beck and call!
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    Kim and Khole are awesome! :biggrin: Luvin Kim's and Khole's style of dressing both are FABULOUS!
  3. Here's some new pictures..

    Top-Elizabeth & James Laurel Blouse
    Vest-H&M Fur and Knitted Wool Vest
    Jeans-7 for All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Slimmer Jean
    Boots-Christian Louboutin Jessica Knee-High Boots
    Bag-Hermes Birkin


    Top-LnA Short Sleeve Mesh Striped Tee in Black/Nude
    Blazer-Madison Marcus Flash Blazer
    Pants-7 For All Mankind Gummy Motorcycle Leggings
    Shoes-L.A.M.B. Zea Open Toe Booties
    Sunglasses-Dita Sunglasses

  4. ^^^ ew, the first outfit looks gross. those boots should have been a dark brown. why is she so matchy?!
  5. I think it looks ok but I agree, dark brown would have been better. She has always been very matchy
  6. I love the pink H&M dress, has anyone seen it in stores??
  7. i would have loved the outfit with different color boots! her makeup and hair looks awesome tho :smile: she should stay a brunette for eternity it looks so sexy and exotic.:smile:
  8. ^^ I agree. I didn't like her hair when she went lighter.
  9. trendy, but somehow i like this outfit :biggrin:
    FP_3729468_Kardashian_Kim_FP1_100309.jpg FP_3729473_Kardashian_Kim_FP1_100309.jpg kim(7).jpg
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  10. love the booties!!
  11. No, I don't think it's available yet. Lucky celebs get things before they're available! I remember last year Khloe had a bunch of H&M stuff about a month before it was in stores. It was the same story with the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection.
  12. If you take the purse away, it's less matchy...matter of fact, I'll do her a favor, and I'll take the bag!!

    but yeah, too much light gray/taupe in that outfit!
  13. I just love Kim K. Sometimes her style is a little off, but for the most part she is always fashionable!!
  14. Can someone ID her Jacket - Thanks

  15. She has beautiful clothes and a lot of $$, is such a beautiful girl, but there's something about her style that seems unauthentic. And yes, she's always SO matchy.