**kim kardashian style thread**

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  1. ^^They're Gucci frames! :smile:
  2. ^^ cute how you answered yourself:P
  3. Here are the pictures:


  4. love kim's shoes in the first pic!!
  5. Need that Dress. Immediately!
  6. it.girl how did you do that!?? i tried using that picture link above, but nothing happened!

    Yes, please let me know if anyone sees that H&M dress in store. I'm going tomorrow, so I'll let you girls know if I see it too!
  7. The shoes are Sam Edelman.

    But me? I'd take her damier luggage!! Loveeee it!
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  8. I saved the pictures to my computer, uploaded them to photobucket and copied & pasted the image link.
  9. I LOVE this outfit! I would wear this in a heartbeat.

    Shirt: Fluxus Burnout tank
    Jeans: Siwy Hannah Crop Jean
    Jacket: S.W.O.R.D Novara Leather Jacket
    Boots: Report Signature Fairfax Boots
    Bag: Givenchy Large Elschia Bag in Black
    Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta 104/S Sunglasses

  10. omg i love that last outfit too! perfection!
  11. She wears those Report signature boots all the time! It makes me wonder if I can pull off thigh high boots too. I'm only 5'2" and I know she's the same height.

    Also, Siwy Hannah jeans are the best! I love that the inseam is 28"--no need for hemming!!

  12. ^ I like that look.
  13. She manages to look so put together ALL the time, even when she dresses "down". She's my new girl crush. ;)