Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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  1. #1 Mar 8, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2015
    Discussion of the world'd most talked about couple continues right here.
    We know they are super dope and iconic, but let's not let the conversations get too heated

    As always:

    This thread is for news and gossip only. It's not reserved only for negative news or only positive news, lol!

    Please do not have personal chats in this thread and please discuss her show in our TV forum.

    Remain respectful at all times, if you aren't talking directly about Kim or Kanye, then it doesn't belong. NO personal comments about/to members in this thread and we highly recommending using the Ignore User function. .

    Continued from here
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  2. Let's get this party started

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  3. Is this like her first makeup error ever though?
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  4. Now I know she's drugged up on something.

    Her assistants must be snickering behind her back.
  5. No, but it's one of the best
  6. She looks as bad as Lindsey Lohan.
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  7. Ew dude! I think she knows she looks hideous. Seriously, that blonde and horrible outfit and face and everything. Ugh. The unfinished contouring just tops it off. You know she wants her long dark (or at least darkER) hair back. She needs to stand up to Kanye. At least she gets attention though. You know she likes that.
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  8. Those close-ups...:shocked: i just can't. The injected face, jacked up hair and outfit that ain't working with her body type...

    There's no spark in her eyes, she knows she looks bad. It will be interesting to see how long she sticks with it.

    Why does she always put her thumb and index finger together? Is it some posing technique? I notice she has them that way all the time.
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  9. Why isn't Kim wearing Kanye's brilliant fashion forward designs in Paris now? It would be the best photo OP for him. She wore one outfit at his show which I am sure she was forced to do. Just like the ugly naked hand painted Hermes bag he gave her. Out once NEVER to be seem with it again. Way not just wear Kanye's clothes since she can show her body off with the see through spanx ripoff underwear. It is not like the underwear under fabric with holes she has taken to wearing now is showing any less.
    Do your think her assistant might be let go soon? She keeps looking flawless while Kim looks worse each day. In pictures it shows the contrast like those old Glamour Magazine do's and don't s. Kim is a don't in everything now;
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  10. Also, how can Kanye claim to be a designer when he can't even give his own wife proper fashion advice?
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  11. +1 i agree
  12. I keep looking at those close-ups and she NEEDS to get rid of that hair. It's so so bad. Worst hair she's ever had. The face is bad too but you know she ain't stopping with that.
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  13. Her team, her family and the entire fashion world has to be trolling her!
  14. She looks disgraceful. Just when you think she can't look any worse or wear a more disgusting outfit- she does.
    Even PMK must be biting her tongue and feeling embarrassment for her daughter looking like a freak show. But what Kanye says goes.
    With her botched contoured nose she's looking like Michael Jackson in a blonde wig in these last pictures.
  15. that's what I thought but then I remembered her horrid mother and some of the short skirts and fishnets shes been seen in.......
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