Kim Kadashian Gets Her Own Reality Show !

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  1. oh boy here we go:rolleyes:
  2. This might be worth a sticky in the TV forum.
  3. Will you be watching Keodi ?
  4. I'll be watching it. She's gorgeous!
  5. Oh God!...
  6. I'll admit it...I'm sure I'll be watching too. *hangs head in shame*:shame:
  7. You know you run out of ideas for shows when...
  8. i'll just watch it cuz i think she's so pretty and i hope they will show her when she's SHOPPING...LOL yea the clothes, bags and shoes
  9. That show will get really old, really fast. It's not as if KK has much of an interesting life:
    wake up, get dressed, eat something, purge, go shopping, come home, eat something, purge, dress sluttily for the evening, go out.
  10. It was only a matter of time before she jumped on the reality show wagon . . .:shrugs:
  11. Oh lord no! There are enough tramps on tv right now thanks!
  12. ooooo I cant wait
  13. Actually, she is one of the few celebs that look really healthy to me. Now if you were to say that about Nicole (paris friend) I might believe it.

  14. Haha Good point ! :P