Kim K. Ripped Off! $50,000 in Bling @ JFK

  1. Posted Nov 27th 2007 11:45AM by TMZ Staff

    Kim Kardashian had diamonds, jewelry and other items allegedly stolen out of her luggage at JFK airport on November 8 as she traveled from New York to Las Vegas. Bum-mer!
    TMZ has learned that The Tush and sister Kourtney walked into a terminal at JFK and were approached by fans and paparazzi, including several Delta employees. A source close to Kim tells TMZ that when several Delta employees asked for autographs and photos with her, items were somehow lifted from her bags. The items include $50,000 worth of diamond jewelry, a Cartier watch, and Kim's laptop and digital camera -- contents unknown!

    The airline offered only baggage information claim tickets, which have a number and name written in black marker.

    Delta told us they were "investigating Ms. Kardashian's claim regarding a loss of valuables from her baggage."
  2. I'm sorry her things are missing, but let's hope there's nothing embarrassing on the camera or laptop.
  3. Let's hope some racy pics of Reggie Bush are on them. Didn't this happen to LinLo before?
  4. Bleh, if it's not family heirlooms or something of that sort, I'm sure she'll have them replaced in no time.
  5. that SUCKS!!! I hope she gets her stuff back or at least has some travelers insurace....maybe she booked with an AMEX and will get some compensation
  6. Aaaw, I really feel for her, I`m constantly paranoid about losing my luggage (though, I don`t carry around $50k worth of bling), so I really feel bad for her..
  7. That is just horrible.
  8. That's awful! Poor Kim =( I hope they find who stole it.
  9. That is awful. I hope she gets everything back.
  10. yikes!! but I feel like I've heard this story was probably LiLo or Britney.
  11. thats terrible but i wonder how someone just lifted her laptop out of her bag even if she was swarmed without her being able to grab it right back,,,?
  12. Exactly!
  13. fingers crossed. lol
  14. And this is why I will never get LV monogram luggage. It is a target for being stolen and ripped off. You have to leave your luggage unlocked and people get sticky fingers.

    I feel bad she got ripped off, but you don't leave expensive things in luggage you check in at airports. She should of had that stuff with her. She should of worn the jewelry and had a laptop case on board with her. I bet she had a makeup case with her because of the mask she wears all the time.

    She will never get her stuff back. I doubt very much if she had her luggage insured with an itemized list of its contents. The most she will probably get back is $2000. She is so self important to think that nobody would ever do anything bad to her.
  15. I don't know why she would even take that much jewelry with her. She has enough celeb "status" to borrow.